Monday, September 20, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 37

Getting caught up.  This was another good week.  Great hike! Great football!  Great friends, Great cross country meet, great cake...take a look...
I had the opportunity to go on a beautiful hike around a lake I had not been to before.  Nature is amazing and is a balm to my soul!  We are so blessed with this beautiful world!

Great football game this week that we watched with our wonderful friends.  We were on opposing sides, and our team won (yeah!) but we are still wonderful friends!

Flying our BYU flag with pride after a great win this week!

Things getting a little more back to normal!  Had a GLO which we haven't done since March of 2019, and I remember that lunch in early March because we were specifically talking about the "new virus" and what would happen.  We all had no clue!  But so good to get back with these amazing ladies and eat some yummy pie!!!

My September cake.  For those that don't know I made a goal for 2021 to make a "fancy" cake each month.  I normally make my cakes from the website Cake by Courtney.  This was another one of hers.  It is an oatmeal biscoff cake, and it was so good!  It has a biscoff  buttercream that I could eat all day!  So good!

Cross country race for the week and this amazing kid got first place!!!! He got first by about 30 seconds.  You can't even see the kid in 2nd.  So proud of him!  He works so hard!

Mr J and his team.  As a team they also placed 1st!  So awesome!  A great group of guys!!!

Picture from Miss E this week and her getting to attend a volley ball game.  Glad things are a little more "normal" for her at college this year after last year where no one was allowed at any games.  She is having fun!

Our date night this week involved football.  First home football game with Mr J playing in the band.  Excited for Friday night lights!

Thanks for visiting and catching up!  Hope you are healthy and happy and safe!  Have a wonderful week!

2021 Blue Jeans Week 36

Playing catch up today.  Not sure how I got behind....This was a good week.  Loved our 3 day weekend.  We loved having Miss O home for some of it!  Great cross country race and other fun things this week.  Take a look...
We LOVED having Miss O home for this short weekend.  She flew in for the weekend for a friend's wedding.  We enjoyed our Sunday walk on the trails with her.

While Miss O was with us Miss E and Mrs A went to see my 95 year old grandma (their great grandma)  what a wonderful thing!  Sure love these amazing women that are part of my life!  You can see where Miss E and Mrs A get their beautiful blue eyes from!

For our Labor Day fun we rode our bikes down to a resort area and played corn hole and enjoyed being together. 

Gave blood this week.  

In church I work with the Young Women ages 12-18.  They are pretty amazing, and I love them and the other women who I get to work along side with to serve the young women.  Tonight we did slip and slide kick ball!

Love this picture from my college kids.  They get together once a week and have lunch together.  Makes my heart happy!

Cross country race for this week, and we were so happy to see this guy's old coach.  He retired last year after lots of years coaching (he was my coach in HS too, so he was around for a long time).  It meant a lot to us that he showed up to cheer Mr J and his team on!  

Mr J and his team did awesome by the way!  Turning out to be a great cross country season!

Our date night this week was going back to the local resort, roasting hot dogs, playing pool, and making s'mores.  It was a great evening!

Thanks for visiting and catching up with us!  Hope you are healthy and safe and well!  Have a great week!

Thursday, September 9, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 35

It was a good week!  School started for my college kids.  Had our first cross country meet of the season and then Miss O flew home for the weekend for a friend's wedding.  It is finally starting to get a little cooler here--highs still around 90 but low humidity which is good.  So looking forward to fall!  Take a look at our week...

First day of school for these two!  First day of school and first class of the day and they have it together which is awesome!  Here's to Miss O's senior year and Miss E's sophomore year!

A better first day of school picture later that day from Miss E. Excited for her to have a more "Normal" college year after last one! All classes in person versus all virtual last year, but masks required.  She is looking forward to it!

Something to definitely remember from this week!  

Went to lunch with my cute friend!  It is so nice to reconnect! We became friends from working 8 weeks of vaccination clinics together.  Love her!

Hello first cross country race of the season!!!

Mr J did amazing!  Got 3rd place and his team got 2nd place.  It is going to be a good season!

Our date night picture this week involved driving to the airport to pick up Miss O and then getting Raising Cane's chicken for dinner and then driving Miss O to her friend's wedding and driving home.  All told, about 7 hours of driving today!  So fun to see Miss O and glad I could to all that driving with Ben!

Miss O was a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding.  

These two have been friends since junior high and it was fun for Miss O to come back and be a part of her wedding!  

Thanks for visiting!  Hope all is well with you where you are and that you are healthy and safe and happy!  Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Momma Week 34

We are in the full swing of school now.  Last week Miss E flew back to college on Tuesday.  We miss her!  But we are very excited for her to have a more "normal" college sophomore year after the weird online year last year!  For me, it is not easy being the only girl in the house again!  Take a look at our week....
Got one last lunch date with my Miss E before she heads back to school tomorrow!  Will miss her!

And Miss E is on her way, with a very uncrowded plane!  That is good!  She arrived safely, and her siblings and BIL helped her moved in to her new apartment for this year.  Prayers all goes well for her and her sisters and BIL at school!

How we coped with Miss E leaving--I got Crumbl cookies after I dropped her off at the airport.  So good!  

Ben and the young men at church made tie-dye shirts this week.  They made some pretty cool looking ones!

School hasn't officially started yet for my college kids, so Miss E had a few free days, and she got in touch with her cute cousin and they hung out together.  Fun to see them re-connect!

Friday night is usually pizza night at our house.  We rotate between a few different recipes and kinds.  3 pizzas for 3 people seems like a good ration to me!

Date night this week....we made popsicle stick structures.  It was fun to do something totally different!  Sure love this guy!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a great week!  Stay safe and healthy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 33

 School has officially started here.  Mr J started mid week.  Junior year here we go!  It was Miss E's last week of work before she goes back to school.  Busy week!  It was a good week.  Take a look....

We have one apple tree in our backyard.  We really do nothing to take care of them.  It is a pretty old tree, but about every 3 years it produces a pretty good crop.  Mr J went out and got a few of them today.  They are not sweet, eating apples, but they make great apple sauce, apple crisp, and apple pies!

Happy first day of school for Mr J!  Hello junior year of high school!

Making some yummy granola for quick breakfasts before school. Recipe from Mel's Kitchen Cafe here

This girl has been working so hard this summer as a phlebotomist at two different hospitals.  She is amazing!  This week is her last week of work before she heads back to school next week.  I admire her so much!

We picked the rest of our apples this week.  They are ready pretty early.  Looking forward to making some applesauce!

My cake for this month was a citrus olive oil cake with a browned butter frosting.  I got it from the Female foodie here.  It was so moist and the frosting was amazing!!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are healthy and safe and well!  Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Catching up 2021 Weeks 31 and 32

Catching up.  This is a long post with lots of photos!  We had a family vacation the last week and a half.  We all met up at a little ski town in the mountains of Colorado where the highs were not above 75 and no one has A/C up there and the lows in the morning were in the low 40's. It was heavenly!  Our whole family was there for a glorious week and Ben's parents joined us for a few days which we all loved.  So this is catching up on 2 weeks.  Take a look....
Miss E continues to make amazing bread each week!  This is whole wheat quinoa bread and it is so good!  I am sooo going to miss her when she goes back to college in a few weeks!

My mom is an amazing quilter, and she is slowly making all her kids and grandkids their own flannel quilt.  This is Miss E's that she got done in time for her to take back to college, and Miss E is so exited!  love it and all the colors!  Miss E picked out the pattern and colors, and it totally fits her.

On our way to Colorado.  At a gas station break Miss E and Mr J found a new friend.

We are all together!!!  Miss O brought her boyfriend who we have met virtually and talked to often, but this was the first time we have met him in person, and we loved having him with us for the week!  

This was my cake for July that I made and froze and took to Colorado to share with all my family.  It is a marshmallow moon cake from Cake by Courtney, and it was yummy!  Vanilla cake, chocolate ganache, toasted graham crackers and a toasted marshmallow buttercream.  Loved it!  So fun to share it with everyone!

Checking out the river by where we were staying.  Such a beautiful place!

All together!   Love it!

Went on some hikes.

We found some rocks that reminded everyone of the rock people in Frozen.  :)

Hiked to this lily pad lake which was so cool!

We played pickle ball a lot.  This is something we all enjoy. 

We tried to have unique activities each day.  One day we divided into pairs and made boats that we raced down the river.  The kids letting them go.  My in-laws' boat won!  

Our very unique boats that we all made.

One day we started the day by heading down the Vail pass.  14 miles downhill, and it is my favorite and one of the most beautiful rides ever!  So fun to go together!  We took our bikes and enjoyed biking around some each day.

Another day's activity was sculpting marzipan.  That is an almond flour based sweet dough/candy.  It is really common in Europe, and it tastes so yummy!  Miss E made a few batches of it before we left and we froze it to bring it with us.

These are our marzipan creations that we all made and then enjoyed eating after!

One day we went disc golfing on a beautiful course right by the lake.

So pretty and so much fun!  Love being with these people!

We brought lots of board/card games and puzzles that we also did each day.  Ben with his parents.  His mom especially likes doing puzzles.

Having fun at the river again!

One day we did apple tasting.  We got 7 different apples and cut them up, and everyone had to rate their favorite by taste.  We had marked what kind each was separately so no one knew.  Our top favorites were Pink Lady, Honey Crisp and Fuji.  Our least favorites were Gala, red delicious and Granny Smith. Ambrosia was the middle one.

Hiking one day all together with beautiful views!

One day we made bows out of popsicle sticks and arrows out of straws.  It was something Miss E had done her first year of college with a group of friends, so she taught us.

Making our bows and arrows.

We had a contest in the basement parking garage of the condo where we stayed to see who could shoot them the farthest.  I think I won :)

Then one day we did a Jelly Belly jelly bean tasting contest.  We had 44 different jelly beans that we tasted and had to decide what flavor.  I think the most anyone got right was 22.  Yummy!  Miss E did a lot of work to get this game ready!

Ben and Mr and Mrs A went down the Vail pass another day together while everyone else went riding around the lake.  Such beautiful country!

And we played games every day.  Sometimes on the porch, sometimes inside.  We had a lot of fun, made great memories!  So grateful we were able to do it and get everyone there! That was a huge blessing!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are safe and healthy and well!  School starts here this week, so good-bye summer!  Hope your beginning of school goes well!