Monday, July 15, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 28

So at the beginning of the week I was in Utah with my girls, and loved being with them and other family!  But it is always nice to get home, and I missed my Ben and kids at home.  Nice to come home and be appreciate.  I got lots of "Mom/Jen,  so glad you are home!"  It was a good week, take a look...
Miss O and I spent an afternoon together, went to lunch and to a cool exhibit in the art museum.  Awesome stuff!  Sure loved being with her!

Miss A got all moved in and unpacked in her new place which was good to see!  Senior year of college here she comes!!

I got to visit with my amazing DeeDee (grandma) who is 93!  Sure love her!

Then I got home and we helped some dear friends move to a new house in town.  Mr J and their daughter got to walk the garden over from one house to the other.  That was pretty fun to see :)

What is summer without smores?  And I love them.  They are one of my favorite things, so this weekend, we had a bonfire and made smores.  Love it.  

The beautiful girl is going to be a senior!  Getting some of her senior pictures taken this week!  So pretty!

And my magnolias are so pretty right now too!  Love them!

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Friday, July 12, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 27

We sure enjoyed having Miss A home last week, and we love celebrating the 4th of July!  We are so blessed to live in this great country, and we are so grateful for the men and women who have given all and continue to give all so we can be free.  Thank you to them and to their families!  It was a fun week, take a look....
Mr J was asked to play a piano duet for another church's service, and so Miss A joined us to hear him play.  She got a cute new haircut after she got home.  So fun!

Mr J and his friend playing their amazing duet at the church service.

It was our turn to help at the soup kitchen this week, and it was fun to have Miss A there to help us!  She was given the job of writing the menu up.
We got us some amazing BBQ for dinner one day last week. Yummy! 

We found a field of sunflowers!  I have always wanted a picture in a field of sunflowers!  It was awesome!

So cute!  Wish we had everyone, but Miss E was in Texas and Miss O was still at school, but glad we had these two!

Happy 4th of July!  We celebrated with this yummy dessert fruit pizza.  So good!  It was a great day!

The day after the 4th, Miss A and I took a road trip to get her back to school.  We stopped the first day in Ft. Collins, CO and stayed with some friends, and we stopped and walked around the temple there.  So pretty!

And we made it to Utah and got to see Miss O who I hadn't seen since Christmas!  Got these cute girls all stocked up at Costco.  Found out Miss A's new car can hold a lot of stuff!

Hope you had a great week!  Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 26

This week has been awesome because we have had Miss A home, and she hasn't been home since Christmas!  She has been hiking across England, Ireland, and Scotland for the last two months with a 2 day stop over in Iceland on her way home, and we were so glad to have her back for a little bit!  Really missing Miss O, though!!!  We will get all 4 home for a week end of August, so we are excited for that.  So take a look at our week... 
Yeah!  3 of my 4 kids are home!  We picked up Miss A from the airport Sunday and were so glad she is home!!!!  Just really missing Miss O!!

Mr J has LOVED having his big sister home and really enjoyed hanging out with her.  They did some awesome jumps on the trampoline.

And this girl bought a car!  She has been saving her money and we had been investigating while she was across the pond as to what would be best for her.  We found this one, and she loved it and bought it this week.  Woohoo!  Her first car that is totally her own that she bought and paid for!

Swim meet this week--Mr J jumping in during one of the relays and Ben is in the red shirt timing a few lanes down.  It was a hot one!  But Mr J did awesome!  And it was fun for him to have Miss A there to see it.

And the lifeguard for the night was Miss E which was fun too!

Mr J showing Miss A some of his new games he got while she was gone.  Lots of fun!

Miss A brought back these awesome shirts from Scotland

And we have been missing Miss E most of this week as she was in San Antonio for the National FBLA conference and competition. Her and these other two cute girls made it from our school, and they enjoyed a few days down in Texas.  This is at the Alamo. 

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Monday, June 24, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 25

We had a great week.  Miss A finished up her study abroad, Mr J had his first swim meet of the summer, and we enjoyed some family time.  Take a look at our week....
Happy Father's Day!  Sure love my Dad and am so grateful my kids get to grow up with him being such a big part of their lives!  Miss E got him this funny figurine with live plant hair.  They both loved it!

Miss A and her friends in Scotland having fruit tea and crumpets and clotted cream and jam.  She said it was really good.

Mr J in his first swim meet of the summer!  He did awesome!

Mr J mowing the lawn.  One of his summer jobs.

Playing Ticket to ride.  It is one of our favorite games.

 Miss A is slowly making her way home via Iceland for a few days.  A beautiful waterfall in Iceland.

Ben cooking up a storm at the fundraiser for cross country.  He worked so hard!  Not fun in the heat or with the smoke in his eyes!  but it was a great success, so it was worth it, right? :)

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Monday, June 17, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 24

Nice week of cooler weather for this summer.  Had some rain and some beautiful rainbows!  Take a look at our week....
A beautiful, cool Sunday afternoon reading and hanging out on the front porch.  Mr J loves to get his picture taken :)

Two double rainbows in the same week! It is harder to see the 2nd one, but the brighter rainbow got to where you could see the entire thing.  So pretty!

Our 2nd double rainbow this week!

Miss A on her adventures in England at Tintern Abbey

We went to the city to the temple together and after tried out a new ice cream place with unique and yummy flavors!  Ice cream is our thing! Yum!

Miss A on her adventures in England.  She said a portion of Harry Potter 7 part 2 was filmed here on this rocky ridge.  Such beautiful landscapes!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 23

So this week was a unique one for me,  I had 2 days with no one home but me! Miss E was gone all week to Girls' State, and Ben and Mr J were gone part of the week on a camping trip for scouts, so I had a quiet house!  I already knew that I don't sleep well when Ben is gone, but I discovered I sleep even worse when I am the only one home :)  Hopefully that doesn't happen too often!  I think it is the first time it has ever happened so far!  But it was good week.  Take a look....
Miss E had the opportunity to attend the American Legion Auxiliary Girls' State program this week.  It was a great experience for her, and she learned a lot.

The guys from our church heading out on a camping trip this week.  All loaded up and ready to go!

Pictures from Ben on the camp out.  They took their bikes on the trip and enjoyed some biking around the lake where they camped.

They went canoeing and also rented a boat one day to explore the big lake they were camped at.

Having 2 days all to myself, I went up to the city one day and went to the temple and then did a big stock-up trip to Costco.  It was long overdue!

They were predicting lots of rain while the boys were on their camping trip, so they got their tent all prepared, but thankfully they only got a little rain one night and then a sprinkle one day during the day, so that was a blessing!
I got to go pick up these two cute girls after their week at Girls State, and we celebrated with getting the best ice cream in the city they were in.  We love us some good ice cream!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 22

Lots and lots and lots of pictures from this past week.  With Memorial Day we took off to a fun place for a few days, then the kids were home a few days, Mr J got his learner's permit, and then the kids were off on a pioneer trek adventure for a few days, and Ben and I had a quiet house with NO kids for almost 3 days!  So lots of pictures ahead!  It was a good week. take a look...
We have had so much rain, and our forecast for Memorial Day weekend was more of the same, so I said, we are getting out of here!  We left Sunday after church and went to Bentonville, Arkansas which was a first for us.  It is the birthplace of Wal-mart and has a beautiful town square, lots of bike trails, and an amazing art museum called Crystal Bridges.  We have been wanting to go for years, and just never got here, so we were really glad we made it for the long weekend.

So many pretty trails to explore.

Lots of cool outdoor art at the museum Crystal Bridges.

I loved the art of Chihuly that they had there.  Lots of nature paths around the museum which were fun to explore.

We went through the Wal-mart museum they had on the cute town square and then ate ice cream at the Walmart Cafe and ice cream shop.  Yummy and cheap ice cream!

Outside the Walmart museum--the first and original "Wal-mart"

Our banana girl in her cute hat :)

Exploring the nature trails in Bentonville

It was lots of fun and so pretty.  The perfect weekend get away.  We decided we want to go back in the fall and take our bikes.  Lots of cool bike trails!

We got home and this cute guy got his learner's permit to start driving!  My last child can now drive!!!

Miss E has had some downtime because her summer job at the pool hasn't started yet because there was flooding all around the pool, so she made some awesome sidewalk art one day.  

And Thursday at 5 a.m. this group of kids headed off for an amazing experience to go on a pioneer trek with the other youth from our church in the greater KC area.

There were about 200 kids that went and they walked, and walked and walked and pushed and pulled a handcart while walking.  They camped and walked through rivers and had a really great experience appreciating their roots and ancestors that gave us so much and did this before for them.  Miss E in the pink shirt and sunglasses.

Miss E on the "woman's pull" where they had just the women push their carts up a steep and muddy hill to remember those brave women who crossed the plains by themselves with their families and gave so much.  It was not an easy thing for the men to just watch, but an amazing experience for all!

And they ended up having to cross this flooded road where the water went up to Mr J's waist--it got about 2 feet deeper than this picture the farther they went.  They were not planning on doing this and didn't realize until they got there that the road was so flooded because of all the rain we have had.  It was a very authentic pioneer experience!

Mr J with his group walking, and walking.  I think they walked 7 miles one day, 1.5 miles the 2nd day and 5 miles the third day.

What a great group of kids!  So proud of them!

And what did we do with no kids for 3 days?  Well, one night we went to our town's band concert.  They have been doing a weekly outdoor band concert in our town for 148 years. It was a beautiful evening to enjoy the music.

And then this guy was trying to fix something at work, and a big battery fell on his he called me to take him to the doctor's and get 4 staples in his head.  Was NOT planning on doing that while the kids were gone.  Thankfully it is going to be Ok.  He insists he is fine and it doesn't hurt at all, but a week with staples in your head has got to be fun, right?  But we did go out to eat the evening after this happened, and he did go play pickle ball after that, so he insists he is fine and it doesn't hurt....grateful he is ok and it was able to get taken care of quickly!

And our last day with no kids we went exploring to a water falls we had heard about but never seen out in the country.  It normally doesn't have this much water, but with all the rain and flooding, it was extra pretty to see. 

And update on Miss A...she was in Ireland this week!  Loved it!  She thought England was green, but she said Ireland was over the top green.  She is at a National Park in Ireland here hiking up a mountain.  And Miss O is working this summer and taking summer classes at BYU, so we haven't seen her yet, but she will come home end of the summer before fall starts, and we will be so excited to see her then!!!

That was a lot to go through, so thanks if you made it all the way through!  It was a busy but great week!  Hope yours was good too!