Monday, March 29, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 12

It was a great week!  Happy birthday to me and an extra yummy cake!  Enjoying some spring weather and able to get outside more, and some fun pictures from my college kids.  Take a look at our week....
Our Sunday afternoon walk on the trails by our house.  Love the lake and starting to see a little bit of green, not much, but it is coming!  Yes, I am always last.  Mr J is always first and Ben is usually in-between.  I am the slowest walker, but slow and steady win the race!

Cute picture from the newlyweds this week.  This is Mr A's awesome mom.  They did a chopped competition double date night with Mr A's parents, and Mr A's younger siblings were the judges.  Mr A and Mrs A won!  Great people!  

Getting my front porch ready for spring.  Got some new door mats.  Love them!

Happy birthday to me!  I asked Ben a few months ago to take the day off, take me to the city to go clothes shopping and take me out to Olive Garden.  He delivered!  What a good guy!  It was the perfect birthday with this amazing guy!  Sure love him!  First time we have eaten inside a restaurant in over a year.  Kind of crazy!  But they were very spaced out and we felt safe, and such good food!

Later that day--happy birthday to me with my fancy cake I made.

This is my birthday cake that I made.  It is from cake by Courtney and is her The Tonight Show cake.  It is based off the Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor The Tonight Dough (which I also love!).  It has a chocolate cake, eggless cookie dough, chocolate cookie crumbs, a peanut butter buttercream frosting, then a caramel cake and then you just repeat a few times.  Over 8 inches tall, but just 6 inch round cakes, and it was so good!  It was fun to make!

My amazing artist dad made this picture for me for my birthday of my February cake that I made.  Pretty awesome!  

Week 4 of COVID vaccine clinic volunteering.  I was doing medical screening this week.  Excited to see those chairs fill up!  2nd shots for everyone today including my parents which is awesome!

And LOVED this picture from this week from my girls.  These are my 3 girls plus 2 of my amazing aunts and my 95 year old grandma.  My grandma and 2 aunts had both their shots done a month ago and wanted to see my girls and take them on a picnic lunch and to do some shopping.  So grateful they were able to go!  What a blessing!  Wish I could have joined them!!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a safe and blessed Holy week as we celebrate Easter this coming week!  So grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ!  Stay safe and well!

Monday, March 22, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 11

Our spring break was this week.  We didn't have big plans, but our weather had plans for lots of rain.  We got 8.34 inches in this last week.  Crazy!  So we had wet weather, but in between the rain we tried to do some fun things.  Take a look at our week...
Our Sunday Walk in the Rain!  So much rain this week!

Happy Pi day!  We made this blueberry custard pie  and it is one of our favorites! Mr J doesn't look too thrilled, but he does love this pie!  He was happy to have it!  So good!

Monday, Ben took the day off and we headed to the city to do some bike riding.  We found this pretty lake with this awesome waterfall/dam.  So pretty!  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We had our traditional all green dinner!  Yummy!

My weekly COVID vaccine clinic volunteering.  Getting ready to fill these seats with people to get their 2nd shots!  Woohoo!  It is always a good day!

Our Friday night date night was chocolate testing---we tasted these different chocolates and had to decide what flavor they were.  Ben got the most right.  He got 3 right and I got 2 :)  Obviously we don't have the most discerning palates, but it was a fun date night!

Pictures from my college girls who had a "spring day" --just a 3 day weekend, not a week.  Miss E and her roommates explored the mountains!

Miss O and her roommates explored Bryce Canyon National Park.  So fun! 

Hope you are staying safe and healthy where you are!  Have a great week!  Spring is coming!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 10

It was another good week.  We got tons of rain--like 3 inches in 3 days---hello spring! but we are drying out and doing well.  Take a look at our week....
Sunday night games---we did Yahtzee and Rat-a-tat-Cat. Ben was in charge of picking the games tonight and those are some of his favorites!

Have loved walking/hiking the last few weeks with this friend!  It is so good for my soul to be with my friends!

Working on Easter packages for my college kids.  Getting them ready to mail.

A view from my kitchen window.  A beautiful cardinal on the birdfeeder!  Makes me happy!

Thursdays have just turned into my COVID vaccine clinic volunteer days, and I love it!  I was at the education station this week where they go after they get their shot and wait their 15 minutes before they can leave.  

Mr J working on some yummy flat bread for our dinner tonight!  Yum!  They turned out great!

Had the awesome opportunity to attend a father/son two piano concert this weekend.  They were so good!  So grateful we could go--masked, socially distanced, greatly reduced capacity in the theater, but still live and in person.  Makes me feel happy.  

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!  Stay safe and healthy and hopefully enjoy some spring weather where you are!

Monday, March 8, 2021

2020 Blue Jeans Week 9

Good week!  With only one kid at home it looks like more pictures of me this week.  Hahaha.  Just the way it goes I guess.  Was able to volunteer for my 2nd COVID vaccine clinic which was awesome!  Picture from my hard studying college girls.  It was a good week.  Take a look...
The walking/hiking trails by my house are really my happy place!  I try to walk there each morning, and love hearing the birds singing now and getting warmer temps!

Hello March!  Getting my cute towel out that Miss E made me with some other green friends up in the kitchen makes me happy!

Delivered homebound books today--with a mask on, just didn't have it on when I took this.  Glad I can help provide that needed service!

Volunteering at my 2nd COVID vaccine clinic.  One of my best friends was also a volunteer, and I was sooo excited because I had not seen her in person in almost a year!  We have done lots of texts and zoom calls, but first time in person! So fun to serve and help and be together for a day!!

Picture from my college girls and studying together in the library.  So glad they get together and have each other!

Date night this week was an awesome game of pickle ball!  Thankfully the courts have lights on them and the weather is warming up so we can play outside again!  Love our weekly date nights!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you stay safe and healthy!  Have a great week!


Monday, March 1, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 8

We had a good week.  Our frigid temperatures receded and we are having normal winter weather which I appreciate!  I had the awesome opportunity to volunteer at a COVID vaccine clinic for the elderly this week.  It was just awesome!  As a volunteer, I got my first vaccine which was also awesome.  The feeling at the clinic was just so positive, and people were so happy to be there.  Exciting to think we are turning a corner on this and hopefully soon will be back to "normal" what ever that is.  It was a great thing to get to help with!  Take a look at our week...
Continuing documenting family history things....this blanket was a Christmas present many years ago (maybe 10-12 years ago?) from Ben's brother and sister-in-law and their family.  We used to exchange names between sibling families for Christmas gift exchanges, but haven't done it for a while.  Instead we donate that money we would have spent to our favorite charity,  But I digress, so my sweet sister-in-law and her family made this blanket for us one year when they had our family to give to.  She had each of her kids do a square with their handprints on it, and then she made stick people pictures of everyone in our family doing something they like.  Mr J is up there with a flashlight shining on a toy train.  One of the girls is jumping on our trampoline, one of our girls is reading a book, one of our our girls is hitting a volleyball, and then she has Ben and I playing frisbee, and then of course they have our favorite team all over the blanket.  Also as part of this gift, they gave Mr J a cool flashlight, and each of the girls these cute crazy colored socks, so on the girls stick figures, they have multicolored socks, and then they gave us a cool frisbee. We love this blanket and it resides in our family room on one of the couches all year long.  It is the blanket of choice for everyone when we watch a movie.  So much love went into making this, and it means a lot to our family.  I knew I needed to document it!

Ben made this awesome tie dye shirt this week.  It was a shirt he already had, and he had got some stains on it, but he loved the shirt, so he decided to dye it to see if that made it so you couldn't see the stains.  It worked, and it looks pretty cool I think!

Board meeting this week, and Mr J came and performed his saxophone for us because he was the only one in our band program that made it to state band this year.  It was fun to hear him play!  I am on the left.

Had the opportunity to donate blood this week.  I am always glad when I can do that!

This is me and a fellow volunteer at our community COVID vaccine clinic this week.  We got almost 400 people vaccinated in our elderly population which was awesome!  Our job was the waiting room, because they want you to wait there 15 minutes after you get the shot.  So we were monitoring people right after they got the shot to make sure they were feeling ok and letting them know when their 15 minutes was up and they could go.  It was a long day--8-4, but so worth it!  The attitude of everyone was so good!  The clinic was set up so well and efficiently!  We received so many comments on how well it was run!  People were so excited to be there and get their first vaccine shot!!! I was also super excited because both of my parents were able to come and get their first shots!!!  Woohoo!  Looking forward to doing it again!

Saturday chores--Ben washed all the cars as we had a nice day, and they were all gross after all the snow and yuck they had been driving through lately.  Love having a clean car, and he did inside and out which was even better!  Sure love this guy!

Family weekend game night.  Each of us picked a game we wanted to play. I chose Azul,  Mr J chose King Domino and Ben chose Silver and Gold.  It was a fun evening!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!  Stay healthy and safe! 

Monday, February 22, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 7

What a crazy weather week!  We had record low temps which I have never seen in my life.  School was cancelled 3 of the 5 days this week.  We were threatened with rolling black outs because of such high power usage--but thankfully that never happened, and we lived the week running our wood burning stove, because our heaters could not keep up.  Crazy!  Things I have never seen before!  Add it to the list for 2020/2021.  But we are all healthy and well and stayed warm.  We had water and never went without anything.  So many cannot say the same thing.  We are grateful!!!  Take a look at our week...
Our "fancy" Valentine's dinner.  We were supposed to go to my mom's, but my dad was sick, so we stayed home and ate tomato soup with cheese bread and goldfish crackers in the family room in front of the wood burning stove.  Non traditional for sure, but still special! We had hot chocolate and our heart shaped frosted sugar cookies for dessert.  Yum!

School cancelled snow day #1 for the week...Hello snow!

These fun girls had Monday off school anyway and my sweet sister and brother in law took them skiing for the first time.  They LOVED it!!!

The temperature Tuesday morning when Ben went to work.  No school today.  We had a horrible North wind that gave us a wind index of -30!!!  Baby, its COLD outside!

2nd snow of the week.  Day #3 of school cancelled.  Mr J was good enough to shovel a few times!

School cancelled activity for Mr J.  He decided he wanted to try out his sister's trombone, so he did some online video lessons and had some fun.  

My cake for February.  This is a coconut chocolate cake which I made for our belated Valentine's day dinner we ended up having at my parents on Saturday.  So yummy!

My kids went up to my grandparents cabin and enjoyed the snow up there this weekend.  They made a snow camel.  Pretty awesome!

Mr A and Mrs A enjoying the snow and the camel too

Back at home we made a snowman before all our snow quickly melted.  Our temps are warming up and this snow is not lasting long.  A crazy week!  

Thanks for visiting!  Hoping wherever you are that you are safe and warm!  Have a great week!


Monday, February 15, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 6

Burr!  It is COLD outside!  We haven't seen above freezing temps this whole week and won't see it until maybe Friday of this week.  Wind chills of -27 and the low today is supposed to be -14!!!  That is without the wind chill!  Burr!  School cancelled today and tomorrow.  Rolling blackouts because everyone is using so much electricity to stay warm.  Just crazy!  We are grateful we have a wood burning stove to help our heaters keep up because it is just way too cold!  Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and warm!  Take a look at our week!
The week started out cold, and it just got even colder!  Record breaking cold!  Colder than I ever remember it getting.  Wind chills in the negatives and not seeing temps above freezing for almost 2 weeks!  Got some snow early this week and Mr J shoveled the front walk. It is covered again in inches of snow and with more still coming.  Hello February winter!

Our Annual family Valentine's day box.  It was not as spectacular as it usually is.  Not as many people to help decorate it now.

Fun thing this week was we finally got to attend Mr J's band Christmas concert.  It was postponed from December because half the band was in COVID quarantine or had COVID, so it was fun to attend the concert this week and hear the band--limited numbers allowed in, socially distanced seating and masks required.  Christmas music never goes out of style and we had more winter weather now to accompany the Christmas music than we had in December!  Mr J had an awesome solo in one of the jazz band numbers.  It was awesome!

Documenting some more family history.  This old fashioned refrigerator sits in our entryway.  It was Ben's great-grandma's.  The top opens and that is where they would put the big chunks of ice to keep the food cool that they put in the main part of the refrigerator.  This was in Ben's parents home and when they decided to sell their home and go on a mission several years ago they asked if any of the kids wanted anything, and Ben and I requested this.  It is a beautiful piece of furniture but also of family history.

It would not be Valentine's at our house without making heart shaped frosted sugar cookies.  We got out the icing bags and decorating tips and did some pretty fancy ones this year.  These are so good!  It is my favorite recipe of my mom's and it just wouldn't be Valentine's without them!

A cold date night!  We went to a concert Saturday night--socially distanced and masked and very few people there because it was so COLD!  But it was a fun concert. It was an impersonating singer that did all sorts of voices and songs.  Nice to be out and together despite the cold!  It was our Valentine's date!  Sure love this guy! 

Stay warm and safe and healthy!  Have a great week!