Thursday, August 11, 2022

2022 Blue Jeans Week 31

Miss E is HOME!!!  Safe and sound in the USA!  She had an amazing time in Europe for 10 weeks! and LOVED it!  but it is sure nice to have her home for a few weeks before she heads back to college!  Mr J is enjoying not being the only child at home again!  Take a look at our week...
She is HOME!  Flew in from Paris Sunday and we are so glad she made it safe and sound with no delays or issues at all!!  What a blessing!

Miss E had some amazing food while in Europe, and she come home with a list of foods to make. She went to Wales and had Welsh cakes, so she made those for us.  They are yummy!!!  Will definitely make those again!

We voted!  The first in person voting for Miss E!  She has done all the others via mail in, but today was her first in person!  Glad we can vote!

Miss E took a pasta making class while in Italy, so we ordered a pasta machine so she could make us some homemade pasta  here!  Looking forward to that!

Went up to the city with this awesome girl and went to the temple.  Love serving with her there!

While in the big city, we had scouted out an authentic Italian Pizza place to try.  Miss E said it was good, but it was better and cheaper in Italy :)  Some day we will have to get there and try it!

So these kids have been friends pretty much since they were all born.  The tallest boy has been on a two year mission for our church in Brazil, and just got home, so it was fun for them to be together again!  They are friends that are more like family!  Miss E and he played together as babies, and went to school together from preschool to high school graduation.  Love seeing them together again!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are safe and happy and healthy where you are!  Have a great week!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

2022 Blue Jeans Week 30

Summer is quickly slipping by!  Good bye July!  It was a good month, but really hot!  Take a look at our week...
Our Sunday game was Catan Dice. We love regular Catan, but this is great for a quicker game.

Love doing puzzles.  When it is so hot out, it is nice to stay in and do a puzzle in the evenings!

Jam making day this past week.  I did one batch of strawberry coconut and 2 batches of raspberry.  Yummy!

Miss E and some of her friends at the Paris Temple.  So pretty! 

My mom and her 70th birthday party that she celebrated in Utah with family because of various circumstances right now with my grandma that my mom needed to be with her, so she got to celebrate with my two girls and their husbands, and my brother and sister and their families.  Happy birthday Mom!  You are amazing!

Miss E at Mont Saint Michel. So beautiful!

And Miss E learning to bake bread in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu.  So awesome!

Date night this week was an outdoor concert on a very enjoyable summer evening, not too hot.  It was a fun concert.

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a wonderful week!  Stay safe and healthy and happy!

Monday, July 25, 2022

2022 Blue Jeans Week 29

We have had a good week, a super hot temperatures week, but a good week none the less.  Take a look at our week...
Had some sweet friends over for dinner on Sunday.  She was Mrs A's friend in high school and roommate in college.  She is very happily married and came to visit.  It was fun to have them over!

Getting my yearly mammogram done.  

Mr J hanging out at the library because it is way too hot to be outside as he waits for some appointments.

Miss E finishes up her adventures in England with a visit to Stonehenge.  So cool!

This guy has been working so hard as a lifeguard this summer.  He finally had a day off, so we headed to the city to get some shopping done.

Miss E has started her adventures in France!  So excited for her!

Had my monthly lunch with my dear friend this week.  Sure love her!

My July is a cookies and cream cake, and it was yummy!

Date night was a game night in as it was way too hot to go out.  We played some of our two person games that we don't always get to play.

Saturday we had a group walk to celebrate pioneer day which honors our ancestors.  Mr J was in charge and had printed little experiences from different pioneers along the trail.  It was a fun morning activity before it got too hot!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are happy and healthy and well!  Have a great week!!

Friday, July 22, 2022

2022 Blue Jeans Week 28

Catching up.  Trying to stay cool and soak up our summer.  Take a look at our last week...
Our Sunday game was Azul which is a fun game with lots of colorful tile pieces

Miss E enjoying London!

On my morning walk there was a huge difference in the sky, we had dark storm clouds moving off and sunny blue sky moving in.  So pretty to see the stark contrast.

Some of our white hibiscus blooming.  So pretty!

Got to attend the temple with these awesome people!  I love to see the temple!

I think National Ice Cream day was sometime this week?? We made homemade vanilla ice cream and had it with blueberry pie.  So yummy!  You have to make homemade ice cream at least once in the summer I think :)

Miss E enjoying Bath in England.  So cool!

Thanks for catching up with us!  Hope you stay healthy and happy and safe!  Have a great week!

2022 Blue Jeans Week 27

I am a little behind.  Summer does that to me sometimes.  You think you have all this extra time, but you really don't, or it seems to disappear very quickly!  This was our week of the 4th of July.  It was a super hot 4th, so we enjoyed it inside.  Miss E headed to Europe again for another study aboard and then end of the week Ben and Mr J headed on a short campout for boys in our church.  It was also super hot for them.  Take a look at our week...
Our 4th of July dessert.  It was a fruit pizza and so yummy!

4th of July was way too hot to be outside during the day, so we played corn hole inside :)

We made our traditional red, white and blue drinks for 4th of July dinner.  So fun and taste really good too!

Our hibiscus on the front yard are a vibrant hot pink!  So pretty!

Ben and Mr J and the other boys and dads from our church heading out on a short campout. It was so hot!!!

And this amazing girl made it safely to London!  No cancelled flights, no bad weather, and that was a huge blessing!  She gets to explore England for a few weeks and then heads to France for a few weeks.  So fun!!!

And look who Miss E ran into in London!  Our favorite bear!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are safe and happy and healthy where you are!  Have a good week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

2022 Blue Jeans Week 26

Fun summer week last week.  It was Miss E's last week home before her next study abroad adventure.  We got our June cake made and had some fun.  Take a look at our week...
Sunday game was King Domino.  It is a fun one that everyone likes despite half of us being on our phones during the photo :)

I have loved having this girl home for a few weeks and to walk with her in the mornings!  I will miss her this next month!

A new restaurant in a small town near us opened, so my parents took me and Miss E for lunch, and it was yummy!

My June cake was a peach crisp cake that Miss E helped me make. 

Inside of the cake.  Peach vanilla cake layers, peach compote, oatmeal crisp and a vanilla bean frosting. Yummy!!!

Miss E saying good-bye to Mr J as she gets ready to leave on her 2nd study abroad trip to Europe this summer!  We will miss her but excited for her continued adventures!!!  Mr J has enjoyed not being the only child home for a few weeks!

Saturday morning I decided we needed crepes, so I made them  One of my favorite things is to fill them with fresh berries and yogurt and top with powdered sugar.  Yummy!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are healthy and happy and safe where you are!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

2022 Blue Jeans Week 25

For our vacation we spent a week in St. Louis outside the city at a cool resort and enjoyed the quiet resort and then ventured into the city a few days too.  Take a look at our week...
Happy Father's day to the best Dad ever!  Miss E and Mr J got up early and made him a special breakfast.

For our vacation, we assigned everyone to come up with a fun activity.  Mr and Mrs JC did a family feud game that we were able to include Mr and Mrs A over the phone on.  We missed not having them there, but it was fun to do the game with them on the phone.

We went to Six Flags one day which was a lot of fun and hot, and we got very wet of several of the rides which helped to keep us cool!

For Mr J's activity, he got 420 water balloons which we had fun throwing at each other.

Those easy fill water balloons are the best!  So quick and easy!

Miss E's activity was bringing home about 15 different European chocolate bars for us to try and decide which was our favorite.  Man, there was some good chocolate!

Went to see the Arch which is very impressive!

Went to get frozen custard at Ted Drewes which has been around in St. Louis for over 90 years.  Yummy!

Spent a day in the awesome Forest Park.

Went to see the musical Camelot at the Muny theater in Forest Park.  So fun!

My activity was decorating sugar cookies.  I had made them before we left and frozen them.  Yummy creations!

Some pretty impressive cookie creations!

Mr J's were very impressive :)

Nice job Mr JC! and best part was they tasted good!

Ben's activity was marshmallow and toothpick sculptures.  These two made a desert dome from the Omaha zoo that they went to before they came to see us.

Miss E and I made the Roman Colosseum.  

Ben and Mr J made the Salt Lake Temple.  So much fun!

Super fun week together.  Missed Mr and Mrs A so much!  Had lots of fun and it is always kind of sad to head home, but we made lots of great memories!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you are healthy and happy and well!  Have a great week!