Monday, November 11, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 45

Had a beautiful fall week.  It was a slower week as we are in between sports right now, which is nice.  We had nice weather and enjoyed being outside this week.  Take a look...
Miss E getting some basketball shots in this week.  She has one more free week before basketball practice starts, and she has enjoyed the break, but she is excited for basketball!

Girls' Lunch Out with these ladies!  Sure love them!!!

Mr J was at a school conference this week with one of this teachers and these great kids, and while he was there he entered a writing competition and won!  He was super excited!  

Getting some school pictures taken and loving the fall leaves!

I donated blood this week.  I do fine as long as I don't look at what they are doing :)

We had a gorgeous weekend with sunny weather in the 60's and went on a wonderful bike ride with some friends.  We love all the bike trails around where we live!

Stopped at a candy store along our bike ride to get us some extra energy.  Yummy!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 44

Super exciting week as we had an award for Miss A, Halloween, first snow, state cross country that both Mr J and Miss E got to compete in and other fun stuff.  It was awesome!  Take a look at our week...
Ben got some new games for his birthday, so Sunday afternoon he was teaching us how to play Sushi Go Party.  Pretty fun!

Miss A worked really hard and received a university writing award.  So proud of her!!!

Mr J was able to participate in a piano workshop this week with a visiting professional pianist.

Our Halloween pumpkins.  Love the different colored lights Ben put in this year.

We woke up on Halloween to snow!  We rarely get snow before Christmas, but even less often before Halloween!  Fall dressed up like winter for Halloween!

Ben's work for Halloween.  They were super fans :)

And then these kids and their teams headed off to state cross country about 2 1/2 hours away.  They left Friday afternoon, and their races were Saturday morning.  How cool they got to go together!

Miss E's team having their team prayer before their final cross country race--Miss E's last cross country race ever!  Yes, I shed some tears!

Running her race!  This was a very hard course.  They were either going uphill or downhill.  There was not a straight level part of the course, but Miss E rocked it and got her best time of the whole season!

This was her sprinting to the finish.  I jumped, and screamed and cried.  So proud of this senior girl of mine!  What an amazing way to end her senior season of cross country!!!

And what an amazing way for this kid to end his freshman year of cross country!  So proud of him!!! One of two freshman on the varsity team!   

It is all over, and so proud of these two!!!!  Awesome to experience it together!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 43

Fun week.  Miss E and I went on an awesome college visit and got to spend time with family and see my two college girls!  Ben and Mr J fended for themselves at home, but rocked the regional cross country race, so next week both Miss E and Mr J are headed to state!!  Take a look at our week...
Happy birthday to this amazing guy!  Sure love him!!!

On the plane.  First time for Miss E to fly, and she loved it!

Lunch with Miss O!  So fun to see her!

My girls--all together again--with the pretty fall colors!

Miss E loving campus! 

We got to see and stay with my 93 year old grandma who is so amazing and had homemade cookies, caramel popcorn, and crocheted hot pads waiting for us.  Sure love her!  I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Eating sushi with my girls!

Exploring Provo with Miss E and Miss A--Provo City Temple 

Having lots of fun in Provo!

And a trip to BYU is not complete without getting BYU creamery ice cream.  Oh, the best!

Got to stay with my amazing in-laws!  They are the best!  Sure love them but we were missing Ben and Mr J! 

Mr J was busy back home qualifying with his team and the girls team for state cross country!  State here we come next week!  Woohoo!

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Blue Jeans Week 42

An amazing week this week.  My dad turned 70, and all my siblings came out for it, and it has been 14 years since we have all been together at my parents' home!  It was awesome to all be together.  We just all live different places and getting us all in the same place at the same time has been pretty hard, so we sure enjoyed the few days we had to be together!  Take a look at our week...
Contemplating my dirty laundry this week...with 2 of my 4 kids out of the house, I do a lot less laundry, and who would ever think that doing LESS laundry could make you sad?  Life is full of different stages, and despite the challenges, we need to enjoy the stages we are in.  I am grateful for the stage I am in where I still have my wonderful husband's and two kids' laundry to do, but I am also grateful that my oldest 2 kids are able to be learning and growing and doing their own laundry in the stages they are in.

League cross country race for the week!  These two did awesome!  Regional and then hopefully state coming up in the next few weeks!

Picture from my college girls who had homecoming this week and went to an awesome concert during the celebrations!

And this amazing man is my Dad, and I did not get a very good picture, but at least I got one (because pictures are not his favorite things).  He turned 70 this week!  Happy Birthday Dad!  I made him his favorite banana cream pie.

My mom, brother-in-law, two nephews and I enjoyed a bike ride this week while my kids were in school as they came to celebrate my dad's birthday.

And this cute guy's birthday is coming up, and for his birthday I took him to see the Broadway touring musical of Dear Evan Hansen.  Wow!  It was powerful! I admit I cried multiple times.

The whole gang is together!  My two sisters and my brother.  Sure love them and so fun to all be together (first time in 14 years to all be together at my parents' home) for a few days for my dad's birthday!

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Monday, October 14, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 41

We had a great week with a long weekend which was nice.  We got away with our bikes to Bentonville, Arkansas which has tons of really nice bike trails.  We really enjoyed it.  Great cross country race this week.  Take a look at our week...
Miss E making some yummy "Daddy muffins."  They are a recipe Ben made for me when we were dating, and is a recipe that he made for the kids a lot when they were little, so they have hence earned the name of "Daddy Muffins."  I think the original recipe calls them a French breakfast puff?

Cross country race for the week.  It was a beautiful day, and these two posted their best times for the season and both got 12th in their varsity races.  Woohoo!  A great day for cross country!

We headed to Bentonville, AR for a long weekend.  Little did we know they had received over 7 inches of rain last week and 1 1/2 inches of rain the night before we got there.  This bike trail we tried to go on around a lake was completely covered.  Thankfully they had lots of other bike trails away from water that we enjoyed during our time there.

Tried a yummy Thai place for dinner.  Miss E liked it a lot more than Mr J :)

Heading off to hit the bike trails one morning from our hotel.  It was cold in the morning, but was a beautiful, sunny day, and we really enjoyed it!

We found some pretty spots to take some senior pictures of Miss E, but we ended up doing it during the middle of the day, so Mr J helped out with our lighting adjustments :)  Our awesome umbrella holder!

And then he was just being silly.  He enjoyed texting these pictures to entertain his other sisters at college who we missed a lot!  We all had some good laughs, especially Miss E when she saw it afterward.

Fun family time!

They have an amazing art museum Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, and they have miles and miles of nature trails with art along the way.  We really enjoyed our time there, and the weather was perfect!

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Monday, October 7, 2019

2019 Blue Jeans Week 40

Happy first week of October!  Fall weather has finally arrived here, and I love it!  Got my pumpkins out and loving the cooler temps.  This week we had homecoming which is always a lot of fun.  Miss E was a candidate, and she really enjoyed the week. No cross country this week.  The meet was cancelled because of rain.  Darn, but we have two next week to make up for it.  Take a look...

Mr J helping me cook dinner.  He was making cilantro lime rice for our Cafe Rio pork.  Yum!

Fall homecoming candidates being presented to the student body this week.  A great group of kids!

Chocolate chip cookies are our thing, and I made them for the cross country team dinner this week.  I insist on using butter and real vanilla when I make them because I feel like it makes a difference.  Unfortunately real vanilla has been outrageously expensive lately, so I looked into how to make my own.  After 6 months "cooking" (basically just sitting on a shelf and me shaking the bottle once a week) my homemade real vanilla is done, and I was able to use it to make these yummy cookies this week.  Yum!  Excited to have real vanilla to use that is so cheap, and I made it myself!

Homecoming parade.  Mr J in there with the cross country team.

And Miss E and her escort in the parade.  Always so much fun!

So proud of this girl!  She is amazing  

Friday night lights, the ceremony before the football game.

One of her best friends who she has known since kindergarten won, and she was so happy for her.  They both looked beautiful!

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