Tuesday, December 11, 2018

2018 Blue Jeans Week 49

Okay, getting caught up....first week of December here we go!  Basketball tournament, Christmas stuff and service #lighttheworld  Take a look at our week. . .
On this cold December evening Ben is working on making Christmas cards and Miss E is trying to keep warm (or hide from the camera) as she does her homework

The kids love their chocolate countdown calendars!

Our tradition of a countdown Christmas chain.  Some of the links are special and have activities written on them, like "make gingerbread cookies" or " watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate and popcorn."  Those are our favorites!

Our countdown Christmas candle that Ben's dad always makes us is the center of our table.  We light it each night at dinner.

Basketball tournament and I am in charge of feeding the team tonight.  Miss E requested that I please NOT make sandwiches, so I went with quesadillas, which the girls really liked.  Fed 25 hungry girl basketball players tonight!

And one of the 5 basketball games Miss E had this week. It was a long week!  They won 4 of the 5 games, so that is good!  

And then Saturday, after all that basketball, these two rang the Salvation Army bell.  It was Cold!  Proud of them!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!

2018 Blue Jeans Week 48

Still behind and trying to catch up....This was the end of our trip and then getting home (which was a mess with a huge winter storm) but we made it safely and were very glad to be home!
Mr J and the cousins his age at their own little sleepover.  Cousin sleepovers are the best!

Ben's dad is turning 80, so they had a big surprise birthday celebration while we were there.  They did Grandpa Edition of Jeopardy.  

We had a musical program.  Ben and his brothers sang.  That was pretty awesome!

Mr J played the piano so his sisters could see the song "We Believe."  

We delayed our day to leave because of a huge winter storm, so we got an extra day all to be together!  Love it!

We spent that day exploring downtown Salt Lake which is really fun.  Behind us is the Salt Lake Temple where Ben and I were married almost 23 years ago end of this month!

And we finally had to leave.  We were behind a storm that forced roads closed and in lots of traffic.  What we thought we could do in one day, ended up taking us two, but we were safe and warm and enjoyed views like this in Colorado.  

Miss O sent us this.  Puppy love!

And another cute one from Miss O--her and her cute roommates.  None of them knew each other before school started, and they are from all over the country, and they have become the best of friends.  It has been awesome!

And we finally made it home!!  Mr J practicing his piano with the tree behind him.  Getting excited for Christmas and to have everyone home and be together again!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

2018 Blue Jeans Week 47

Thanksgiving week!  We so loved being with all our kids and being able to see lots of our extended family!!!  Take a look...
 This is my amazing almost 93 year old DeeDee (my grandma).  Sure love her and so good to see her and visit!

We decided to go on a hike....little did we know how much snow there would be up the mountains...

the frozen falls that we hiked too...

Warming up after the cold, snowy hike by the fire...one of our favorite things!

Got to see my other set of grandparents too--my kids' great-grandparents.  Sure love them!

Went to an amazing ice cream place with Ben's parents.  Yummy!

Miss E was especially impressed with hers!

Enjoying family time and playing a new (to us) game---tripoloy.  Lots of fun!

Helping Grandma prepare for Thanksgiving dinner!

And our family on Thanksgiving!  So much fun!  Such great family and such amazing food!  It was the perfect Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  Come back soon!

2018 Blue Jeans Week 46

I am behind because we went to Utah for Thanksgiving to see my girls and to visit family.  It was a great Thanksgiving!  But I am behind, and trying to catch up, so here is the week before Thanksgiving...
The youth in our congregation are practicing a song and the sign language to go with it, and Mr J is their accompanist.  It is a beautiful song called "We Believe"

Because we will be gone for Thanksgiving, and we have the tradition of decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, I talked Ben into decorating before we go, so we don't get back and feel behind and have to do it later than normal.  It took some convincing, but he relented, and we got the house decorated and our huge 12 foot tree up, which is always a chore!  but it is so pretty!

Enjoying an beautiful fall evening walk and the pretty leaves!

And we are off on our 1150 mile trip to see family for Thanksgiving....

Made it to Utah and the BYU campus.  They had pretty fall leaves there too.  Lots of memories here as this is where we both went to college, met and were married.  

College football game!  And a BYU football game is not complete without eating a Cougar Tail--which is about a 2 foot long maple donut bar.  They are so good!

Our crew enjoying the evening football game that was COLD!  But a great game that we won, and the kids had a great time in the student section.

Had some family pictures taken while we were out there.  Just a funny "out take"  So fun to have all these kids together again!!

Love this one!!!!

And our family!  So nice to have everyone together!!!  So much to be thankful for!!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

2018 Blue Jeans Week 45

I am behind this week.  Will probably miss next week, so look for updates here the week after Thanksgiving!  We had a good week, super busy, but good--piano recitals, cross country banquets, parades, our first snow!  and lots of good stuff.  Take a look...
Mr J playing his piano solo at his recital this past week.  He played 2 solos and one duet and did a great job!

Miss E playing her piano solo at the recital.  She also did a great job!

Ben and his co-worker helped out at a health awareness fair this week checking people's balance.

We got our first snow in NOVEMBER!  We never get snow in November!  But we have gotten it twice in one week this month! That never happens!  It was really pretty snow, though!

These two friends have known each other since they were born.  They used to be closer to the same height when they were little :)  but they have grown!  They both ran cross country and received the same award.  So much fun!  Now onto basketball for the two of them!

Miss E receiving her award from her cross country coach, who has been coaching cross country in our town for 39 years!

We enjoyed the Veteran's Day parade this week--it was a little cold, but we wanted to honor those men and women who have given so much for us and our country!  We also honor and appreciate the sacrifice their families give.  THANK YOU!!!

Went up to the city to attend the temple and then went out to ice cream for a treat after. Sure love these friends who are really more like family than friends!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving next week and thanks for visiting!!!

Monday, November 5, 2018

2018 Blue Jeans Week 44

 Hello November!  How did you get here so quickly?  Our last week of October was a good one.  We have had beautiful fall weather and love seeing the leaves all change.  Take a look at our week. . .
A nice day after school, so these two enjoyed playing some hoops. Got to get ready for basketball season!

This cute girl has been serving as a missionary in our area for our church for the last 6 months.  She is leaving our area, and we will miss her!  So grateful for good young people who serve!

Only two pumpkins carved this Halloween.  Miss E's on the left and Mr J's on the right.

Ben and his awesome department all dressed up as garden gnomes for Halloween. They looked awesome!

A favorite Halloween tradition--pumpkin and ghost sugar cookies.  Yum!

I loved this street--so many colors and so many leaves!  Love fall!

Was able to take this guy to lunch one day this week.  That was fun!

This weekend Mr J had a scout camp out where they helped clear a walking trail.  He enjoyed it, and it wasn't too cold!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!