Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2018 Blue Jeans Graduation

Wow!  We made it through another high school graduation!  How can that be???  Ahh!  It was pretty awesome I must admit.  So proud of my girl!  Take a look at our graduation...

The Valedictorians--a great group of kid!

Miss O giving her speech.  I am seated behind her since I am on the school board.

As part of her speech she rewrote the words to the song "This is Me" from The Greatest Showman and sang that.  It was AMAZING!!!  Very proud Mom moment if you can't tell.  yes, I cried.

Another senior award.  Way to go girl!

And going through the line.  I did get to give her the diploma and a big hug but I don't know who has that picture....

Her cap

We are proud of you Miss O!

Ben's Mom and Dad came 1150 miles to be here with us for it!  Sure love them!

My Sister and brother-in-law also joined us.  Sure love them!

And Miss O with my parents.  We were blessed to have so many family here to support her!

And then it was time for the party!  Way to go!!!

Whoa!  Now I am really going to try and soak up this summer with all my kids home (and all working full time except for Mr J) and hope the fall doesn't come very quickly :)

Thank you for visiting!  Life is very good!

2018 Blue Jeans Week 19

Busy, busy week.  This week needs two posts--normal life and then graduation, so this is the normal life post for this week--birthday, band concert, track meet, and life in general and then I will put graduation in its own post--too many pictures!  Take a look at part of our week last week. . .
Sweet 16th birthday to this amazing girl!  

For her birthday cake she wanted banana pudding :)--the NY Magnolia bakery's banana pudding.  Yummy!  Happy birthday Miss E!  We sure love you!

Miss O was voted to be the graduation speaker, and she decided to make part of her speech into a song.  She was practicing this week.

Miss O's last band concert!  Her last time playing the French horn!  Yes, tears were shed!

Miss E's last jazz band concert of the year.  She rocks the trombone!

The seniors in band being recognized.  A great group of kids!

My band girls!

Miss E's last track meet of the year!  Awesome pole vaulting!

Little Oscars where these three performed an amazing a cappella 80's mashup!  

Thanks for visiting!  Graduation pictures in another post! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2018 Blue Jeans Week 18

OK, I am finally getting caught up!  Graduation is this weekend!  Ahh!!  In the midst of all the crazy spring busy, Ben and I went to Omaha for his yearly work meetings for a few days.  It is always something I really enjoy.  Miss O had her 18th birthday!!!  Had the big senior awards night and Miss O did amazing!  And LOTS more track this week....take a look. . .
Our yearly Omaha trip for Ben's work meetings.  This was the view from our hotel room in the early evening.  We stay in the same place every year, and it is really an enjoyable trip!

Happy 18th birthday to this amazing girl!!!!  Love her to death!  She brings us so much joy!  Sure going to miss her this fall!!!

Happy 18th Miss O!!!  We love you!!!

One of 2 very windy track meets this week!

Senior awards night!  Miss O received the Citizenship award and some great scholarships!!  Her hard work definitely paid off!!! 

Mr J's last track meet of the season and it was soooo windy!  As you can see by my hair :)  He had a great first track season!  Proud of him for trying it out!

Another track meet this week.  Miss E rocking the pole vault!

Love her stance before she starts..she looks so official!  Proud of her hard work!!!

Thanks for visiting and catching up on us!  Hope you have a great week and all is well!!

2018 Blue Jeans Week 17

Still catching up....this week the kids had a day off so we explored on the trails which was nice, more track meets, a Girls Lunch Out and ending the week with our Young Authors' celebration--the last one ever.  Take a look at our week. . .
A hiking we will go on our day off!

They opened a new section of trails with a new bridge that the kids enjoyed jumping on :)

Track meet #1 for the week--Miss E doing triple jump.

Girls Lunch Out--sure love these ladies!  Went flower shopping and got pizza.  A perfect day!

Mr J and Miss A enjoy an evening bike ride with Ben this week.

Me and Mr J after one of his track meets.  We had to celebrate with DQ!

For the last 19 years my mom has been in charge of a Young Authors' celebration.  This year is the last which was a bittersweet thing.  This was the dinner with the visiting authors.

My family with the visiting authors. We all help my mom and have enjoyed the experience.

My sisters and I with my Mom.  My sister on the right flew in from Utah to be here for the weekend.  It was great to be together!

Thanks for visiting!  One more week to catch up one!

2018 Blue Jeans Week 16

Man, I am behind!  And graduation is this week, so I have to get caught up!  So three weeks in a row coming at you today.  Track, National Honor Society induction/end of the year ceremony and life...take a look at our week. . .
Sunday afternoon it was fun to hear these two playing duets on the piano!

Track meet for Mr J--and they are off!  He runs the mile and has improved his time every meet!  Way to go!!!

And piano competition for Mr J this week too!  Busy week for him!  He did awesome!

National Honor Society induction ceremony...Miss O is the president so she got to conduct and speak.  She did a great job!  A definite senior moment!

And all the NHS kids with the newly inducted sophomores--Miss E is in there.  What a great group of kids!

My National Honor Society girls!  So proud of them!

Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 Blue Jeans Week 15

A busy, but great week!  Miss A is home!  Her Spain and European adventures were amazing, but we are so glad she is home safe and sound for the summer!  Track meets, piano recitals and lots of other good stuff this week.  Take a look at our week. . .
Sunday Miss A was in Rome before she flew home on Tuesday.  The Trevi Fountain--she threw in a coin hoping that someday she would get to go back!  Maybe we will join her next time! :)

Piano recitals this week.  Mr J did an awesome job!

Miss E also did an awesome job!  Miss O didn't have a piece ready, so it was just these two, but sure proud of all of them!

Track meet #1 of 4 for the week between the high school and middle schools....Miss E doing the pole vault for the first time.  She ended up getting third which was awesome!  Proud of her!  That scares me!

And Miss A is HOME!!!  Yeah!  While she was gone she kept in touch with an elementary school class--shared her pictures and adventures, so a few days after she got home and got caught up on sleep, she went to visit them before she started her full time job for the summer.

Put this up this week, and it is so true!  I sleep much better having everyone home and I love having everyone home!  We are going to soak up this summer with everyone home as we will be losing half our kids come fall to college. Gulp!  Cherish every day!

Fun date night Saturday night--we went to a Journey tribute band concert.  It was a lot of fun, and they were very good!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!