Monday, January 11, 2021

2021 Blue Jeans Week 1

Wow!  Welcome to 2021!  I think we were all hoping it would go better than it has.  What a crazy first few days of the year!  Praying for a peaceful transition of power!  This should never be an issue in this country.  It is just so disheartening and sad what happened!  Prayers we can agree to disagree and move on.  We are better than this.  We are grateful we had 2 of our college girls home for one more week.  They start back this week.  Prayers for an uneventful, safe and happy semester for them! Mr J is back to school here and so far so good.  Ben got his 2nd COVID vaccine shot and I am so grateful!  That has been a huge blessing and relief to me as he sees COVID patients almost daily.  He had a sore arm and a slight headache and didn't sleep well the night after he got his 2nd shot, but the next day he was feeling totally fine and worked all day.  Grateful for that!  What a week!  So much going on, but still lots to be grateful for!  Take a look at our week....

Happy New Year!  Hoping for good things from 2021!!

Got a winter storm--ice and then snow and took a fun walk along the trails in this winter wonderland!

These two college girls are enjoying having time to read fiction books for fun over their break!

Per tradition, we made our personal goals first Monday night of the new year.  Lots of good plans for everyone!

Enjoyed family game time playing new games we all got for Christmas.  Missing our Mr and Mrs A!

Had to document the sad event at our nation's Capitol.  So sad.  So wrong.  Prayers for healing and a peaceful transition of power later this month.  We need more love, not hate and division, and we can love each other even if we don't agree on anything!  Agree to disagree--we can do that and still be kind. 

Miss O still working on her awesome, huge denim blanket.  It seriously will cover a queen sized bed easily.  So cute!  She is getting ready to sew the binding and finish the edges today.  Hoping it will fit into a suitcase!!!  She really wants to take it back with her!

She got it all done, and these 3 enjoyed using it to keep warm and cozy as they watched silly you tube videos.  Sometimes it is nice just to laugh!  and especially nice just to be together!

For Christmas I got some fancy cake making tools.  One of my goals this year is to make a fancy cake once a month.  This was my January cake.  It is a chocolate peppermint cake from Cake by Courtney, and it was so yummy!  It was definitely not perfect----not sure how they make the sides totally smooth???  but I will practice lots this year and hopefully get better!

This was the inside.  The girls helped me and they piped the layers in the middle.  So cool!  It was our good-bye celebration cake before we took the girls back to the airport to head back to school end of the week. Sure going to miss them, but hoping they have a great and healthy semester!!!  Grateful they can attend school in person!

Hope you are all healthy and well and safe!  Spread kindness and love wherever you are, and have a great week!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

2020 Blue Jeans last week wrap-up

Last week of 2020.  What a year!  So much crazy and unreal, but lots of good too.  We have learned to not take anything for granted!  Hoping 2021 will be much better!!!  Here is a look at our last few days of 2020.....
My girls and I all got these cute aprons from Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  I have been a huge fan of hers for years, and was excited when she opened an apron and hoodie shop just in time for Christmas!

Enjoying some family time on our favorite trails by our house.

Beautiful day on the trails with wonderful people!  

Enjoyed a day playing pickleball with everyone here.

Kids enjoyed playing Monopoly together.  

Years and years ago I cut out all these denim squares to make a blanket.  I sewed a few of them together, but Miss O took over the project a few years ago.  This week we finally got around to tying the quilt and glad my mom could help us!  She is the expert!

The quilt all tied, just need to bind it.  It looks so awesome!

A picture of our house with the Christmas lights on this year.

And the most important event of this week---we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!   Had originally planned to celebrate by going on a cruise, but you know, 2020 and how things didn't work out.  We will have to postpone that celebration, but sure love this guy and so grateful he is mine!  Looking forward to another 25 years!

And that wraps up 2020!  Thanks for being a part of it!  Stay healthy, happy, safe and Happy New Year!!!  Here is to a much better 2021!!!

2020 Blue Jeans week 52

Merry Christmas!  We flew home from the wedding this week and were able to enjoy Christmas at home.  The newlyweds joined us Christmas eve, and it was a wonderful blessing to have everyone home for Christmas!!!!  A different and quieter Christmas Eve, but still a wonderful one!  A great Christmas and then enjoyed some beautiful outside weather a few days after Christmas to do some fun stuff.  Take a look at our week...
With Ben's amazing parents before we left for home from the wedding.  We went and walked around a neat lights display in a park near them.

Got home and enjoyed an extended family zoom call which was nice because not everyone was able to be at the wedding because numbers were so restricted.  Sure love this extended family!

So glad Miss O and Miss E are home!  One night this week Miss O read us her favorite Christmas story

Another evening this week, we all enjoyed some more Christmas stories around the tree.

My mom is an amazing quilt maker!  She made this flannel quilt for Miss O, and she was so excited!

Our Christmas eve--Mr J on piano and Mr and Mrs A flew in today for a week!!!  So glad they are here to join us for Christmas!

Christmas Eve singing

Miss E on Christmas eve

The kids in their new Christmas PJ's which is a tradition of ours.

Having fun!

Christmas morning!  This guy was good...

And so was she...

And Santa definitely found us and we all got some great stuff!  We all must have been very good!

Cute aprons my sister and brother-in-law made for the newlyweds!

Day after Christmas my brother-in-law and sister came over and we did some axe throwing.  The weather was gorgeous!

Also did some archery

And Mr A showing Ben and Miss E how to do some knife throwing.

The kids made dinner one night, and we had a guacamole taste testing.  3 of the kids made their own versions of guac and we enjoyed trying them all.  

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wedding photos

Just a few of my favorite wedding pictures for Mr and Mrs A!  Enjoy!!!


2020 Blue Jeans Week 51

What an exciting week!  We had a wedding!!!  It was perfect!  We only wish more people could have been there--we were limited to 16 at the ceremony, but it was wonderful and could not have gone any better! Will do another post with professional pictures.  Wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!  Take a look at our week...
Making our traditional gingerbread cookies for a Christmas activity tonight.  

Turned out yummy!

On the plane flying out for the wedding.  First time on a plane for Mr J!

Wedding prep!  Sisters getting her ready for her big day!

On the way to the wedding!

Right after they were married!  Lots of smiles! Let us introduce Mr and Mrs A!

Getting lots of pictures done, just snapped this real quick.  These are all my kids now!  I have a new son!  So excited to add him to the family!  Welcome Mr A!! 

Display table at the wedding luncheon

Awesome room where we had the very small wedding luncheon.  There were about 20 there.

An exciting day for us!  Sure love this guy and so happy to have him with me as we go through this thing called life!

Thanks for visiting!  Will post some wedding pictures soon.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!!