Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 33

Last week was pretty emotionally draining.  Not as much as this week, but close.  It was Miss A's last week home, and we left Friday afternoon to start the drive to take her to college.  Man.  An emotional week as she packed up her room and did all her "lasts" and said good-bye to everyone.  It was especially hard to say good-bye to her siblings as they were not going with us to take her to school because their own school was starting.  Leaving on that sad note of telling them all good-bye until Thanksgiving was hard.  But I am so thankful for the technology we have where we can call, text, skype and keep in touch very, very easily.  And I am soooo excited for her and the opportunities she will have!  So here is a look at our last week. . .
Love hearing this girl play the piano.  I am going to miss that.

Sunday afternoon walks are a family tradition--just not usually with Miss A wearing a cape :)  But today was our last Sunday evening walk as a family.  Tears, yes.

Went up to the city for one last fun day up there.  My sister joined us for lunch and yummy dessert from Nothing Bundt Cake.  Yum!

Then beginning of school things started here--locker check out day for Mr J.

Exciting new phone for me--finally moved up to a smart phone :)  Yes, I am a little slow, but better late than never.

Mr J started to learn how to mow the lawn by himself.  Nice to get a new lawn mower in the family.

We had a farewell party for Miss A with a yummy DQ cookie dough blizzard cake--her favorite.  Her sisters got her the cape and crown to take to school :)

This was the last time my 4 kids will be together until Thanksgiving.  Yes, I was crying as I took this picture right before we left Friday.  That was a tough good-bye.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 32

What a fun week!  We had some young friends over for a few days.  They were fun.  They reminded me so much of when my kids were that little.  Oh my, and now I have a girl heading off to college in a week.  Crazy!  We are huge Olympics fans here.  Loving watching those each night.  They might have been able to hear us cheering for Michael Phelps in Rio from our living room because we were so loud "Go Michael!!!!! Come on Michael!!!  Yeah!!!!!"  Love it!  Got some family pictures taken on probably the hottest day of the year, but our family time is quickly coming to an end, so we just smiled and sweated :)  Hopefully you can't see the sweat in the pictures, just the smiles.  Take a look at our week. . .
Miss A entertaining our young friends.  So much fun!

Mr J loved this little girl.  Fun to have a really little one around too!

Another day they were here, and we got out the old mini pool and slide which haven't seen a lot of use from my kids in  years :)  Good to see them out and used.

Loving the Olympics and loving cheering on Micheal!!!  Four in a row!  How awesome is that?

Just a fun shot of family pictures.  The finished ones are not quite ready, but love this preview :)

This week has been high school marching band camp.  Miss E is now a freshman and gets to be in the high school marching band with Miss O.  At the end of the week they had a family dinner and a preseason performance mini show.  They were good!  Miss E playing the baritone on the end with her hair in braids.  Love marching band season!

And today was Miss A last day of work.  It was fun she got to work with Miss O--my girls running the show :)  Kind of a bitter sweet day for Miss O as she will miss working with her sister!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 31

Had a good week.  First time for Miss A to vote--which is a big deal in our home.  Our church had a college shower for Miss A and 2 others going to college.  My dad had an art exhibit we went to--awesome!  We enjoyed A&W's free float day---one of my favorite treats ever, and we went school supply shopping with Mr J.  Fun stuff!  1 1/2 weeks until my oldest leaves for college!   Take a look at our week. . .
Since she turned 18 a few months ago she had been studying and preparing to vote.  She knew the local candidates and knew what she was going to do.  Proud of her.  Voting is important!  First time to vote!!!!

Our church ladies were so kind and had a college shower for the 3 girls in our congregation that are heading to college in a few weeks.  They were so generous!  Good stuff!

Three amazing young women here that are going to do great things!   The one on the left is going to be Miss A's roommate at college.  

My dad is a professional artist.  He was a college art professor for 24 years, and now focuses more on his own art since he retired from teaching a few years ago.  He had an art exhibit this week which we totally enjoyed seeing.  Missing one here because she had to work, but sure love to see my Dad's talent!

Root beer floats are seriously one of my favorite treats ever.  We are lucky to have an A&W restaurant close by especially when today was Free Float day!  Man, can't be that!!!

This guy is so excited for schools supply shopping--his sisters, not so much, so the two of us tackled his school supply list today plus other things :)  It is nice to check that off the list!

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Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 30--vacation!

We are the type of people that like very relaxing, low-key, get-away-from-it-all vacations.  So this summer we did a glorious week at a cabin in CO elevation of 10,000 feet.  The highs were 70, the lows in the 40's-50's.  It was glorious.  We told the kids no electronics were allowed, and we didn't have service where we were anyway, so it didn't matter.  We had a great week being together as we prepare to take our oldest to college in a few weeks.  Ugh.  but that is a rather depressing thought right now, so we are just going to focus on the great vacation we had.   Take a look.. . .
We had a wonderful kitchen in the cabin and we planned very easy, quick yummy meals.  We were so excited when we went to a near-by grocery store and they had Dunford chocolate cake donuts covered in chocolate icing.  My grandma always had these when we came to visit when I was growing up, and they are divine!  They are made in Utah and we were so surprised but super excited to find them in the mountains of CO!  We sure enjoyed these for breakfast!!!  If you ever see them at a store, buy them!!!  They are sooooo good!

Went to a small church up in the mountains and enjoyed this gorgeous view!!!

Did some early morning fishing.  Didn't catch anything, but still fun.

Did lots of hiking at different places each day.  Today we went around a mountain lake that was ice cold and gorgeous!


And we even found snow up there!  That was exciting!

More hiking. . .

Finding beaver dams

My favorite thing about the vacation--the big front porch and reading--in my hoodie no less!  Love it!

Exploring different mountain streams

Throwing rocks into lakes

And then blowing out 2 tires--(they are on the other side) way up in the canyon miles away from anything. . .having to get towed and 2 new tires.  Not on the agenda for that day, but it sure was exciting :) ha, we just kept saying "everyone is fine.  No one is hurt.  It is fixable and we can pay for it."  Counting our blessings :)

With the car in the shop for a day waiting for new tires we sure enjoyed the cabin and playing games together.  Spot it was a favorite.  Did lots of puzzles too.  

And more hikes---lots of fun!!!!

So enjoyed our time together.  Getting back to real life is hard especially with that college starting looming before us.  Just a few weeks before our oldest leaves the nest.  Oh my.  But we sure enjoyed the time we had together!  Making memories!!  

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2016 Blue Jeans Week 29

Hello!  Yes, I am playing catch-up again.  We had our family vacation this last week, and it was an off the grid, unplugged, no electronics week.  LOVED it!  We had a cabin in the mountains at an elevation of 10,000 feet.  The highs were 70.  It was divine!  but I digress, this is the week before that when we were dying in 105 heat index heat.  We sure appreciated that mountain air and coolness!  Anyway, the week before vacation we were finishing up some summer activities, and Miss O chopped off her long, long hair to donate and looks soooo cute!  Take a look. . .
Mr J found a recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies that he loves and has made a few times.  He was so excited to show me these cookies he made Sunday when I returned from my girls' trip with my mom and sisters.  These were yummy!

Summer band is an important part of our summer.  Miss O and Miss E will now be in the high school band together.  Looking forward to another awesome marching band season!

And this week marks the end of swim team.  These two heading to their last early morning practise!

Had some cute little friends over and did some amazing art!

Miss O and her before long, beautiful hair that is going to make some other girl very, very happy when she donates it.

Miss O after with her cute stylist and her way cute short and layered hair!  So proud of you Miss O!

And then end of last week we headed on vacation.  We stopped in Colorado Springs for a little to see the Garden of the Gods.

It was pretty cool!  More vacation photos to come!  Thanks for visiting!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 28

It was a great week!  I got away with my mom and sisters for 4 days.  Ben and the kids survived.  We were all happy to be back together after those 4 days!  Sure love all my family!  But summer is just going by way too fast.  We are doing lots and lots of college prep and that is both exciting and heart-breaking for me at the same time.  Ugh.  It used to bug me when I had 4 little kids people saying, "Oh, it goes by so fast.  Enjoy it." OK, now I get it.  It really does go by way too fast.  But I am glad I take photos to document so when I think, "What did we do?"  I can look back and see what we did.  Thank heavens!  So here is a look at last week. . .
Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to relax and the kids listen to Dad read a book.  Love it!  

Mr J and a friend--loving the pool this summer!  It has been HOT!

Miss E has been working super hard this summer at the pool and teaching swimming lessons.  Today was a rare day when she was home, so she caught up on some reading after lunch.  Sure love this hard-working girl!

So my mom and my 2 sisters and I got together for a girls get-away this past week.  My sister flew into the city airport, we picked her up and then drove several hours to Nauvoo, IL.  On the way there we stopped at a dairy that has lots of different kinds of yummy flavored milk--banana, strawberry, cotton candy, root beer, chocolate, cookies and cream, and coffee.  My favorite was the root beer one.  They came in these cute glass bottles too.  

My two sisters, my mom and I outside the Nauvoo, IL temple.  Such a wonderful place and so fun to go there with them!  Nauvoo is an old town important in our church history which has been restored and is free to the public to view the old houses and see how things were done in the 1840's.  They have a working brickyard, blacksmith, bakery, school, newspaper office, post office, and all the volunteer missionaries that serve there dress in period dress.  It is fun.

Nauvoo is located along the banks of the great Mississippi River.  The river was gorgeous with color when we were there--water lilies and these beautiful purple plants.  So pretty!

My mom, one of my sisters and I at Carthage jail, IL which was the place Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum (the statues) were martyred.  It was a special place.  

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