Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 21

So graduation was Sunday of last week--more pics of that on the previous post if you are interested.  Then the rest of the week the other three finished up school, Miss O started a job, Mr. J had a birthday and all the end of the year awards assemblies.  Busy week, but summer is here!  Yeah!!!  Take a look. . .
Sunday was graduation.  Way more pictures and info in the previous post.  So proud of Miss A!

This happy 14 year old got her learner's driver's licence--Driver's Ed is going to be a big part of her summer!

This cute girl got a job at Dairy Queen!   First day on the job!  Blizzards here she comes!

We enjoyed having Ben's parents here for part of the week.  Ben's dad was watching Mr. J decorate his birthday cake.  

And a very Happy Birthday to this guy!  What a fun kid.  We sure love him and are glad we have a boy in our house!

On his birthday he had scouts, and it was his last one as a cub scout.  He received his Arrow Of Light award.  So proud of him.

Then it was the last day of school and awards assemblies--All A's all year for this guy!

Then Miss E was given a top honor in her school--academic, athletic, citizenship award.  

And then they announced the freshman class officers--and Miss E is Class President for next year!  Along with these other kids as VP, Sec, Tres, and class reps.  It will be a great next year for them as they move to the high school!

And finally to end our week, per tradition, our end of the school year "Toyota" jump!  Summer is here, and we are excited!!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Graduation 2016

So Miss A's high school graduation was Sunday.  She is all done.  It was a great experience, and she did amazing!  She goes to a small school, and the ceremony is very short--her graduating class had 80 kids in it.  They had one speaker--Miss A--elected by her peers, then they had 2 musical numbers of which she was involved in both, they did the valedictorian--of which she was one of them, and then read the names, and they were done.  Over is an hour.  It was nice.  As a school board member I got to be on the stand and give Miss A her diploma.  It was awesome!  So grateful for all the family and friends that came out and supported her!  Very glad it is over, now we just get to enjoy the summer until end of August when we have to take her to college.  Oh my. . . but I have 3 months of her home until then we we are going to make the most of it!!!!
Myself along with other school board members and administrators standing while the graduates walk in---a great group of kids that Miss A has grown up with and gone to school with since preschool.

Miss A being recognized as one of the valedictorians.  Very proud of her!

Miss A giving the one and only speech at graduation.  She nailed it!  Did awesome!!!  She was elected to speak by her classmates which was a great honor for her.

One of two musical numbers they did for graduation.  One was the senior choir members sang and Miss A was a part of that group, and then this one with Miss A on the piano and her friend on the cello--Miss O turning the pages--they did Ave Maria-- and it was gorgeous!

Then it was line up for diploma time!

And I got to give her the diploma and a really big hug!  It was a pretty awesome Mom moment I must admit.

Miss A going down the line. . .

After the ceremony with our awesome family--my parents

Ben's parents who drove 1150 miles to be with us!  Sure love them!

A very proud Mom and Dad!!!

My sister and her husband joined us.  Love them!

And the whole family.  It really was a great day!  So proud of this young lady and all her hard work and all that she has overcome to be so successful!  She is going to do great things!!!!  Love you to the moon and back Miss A!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 20

Last week of school for Miss A, her senior recital, and graduation was Sunday.  Graduation will have to be another post.  Way too many pictures of that.  Have enjoyed having Ben's parents here to celebrate.  It has been awesome. Pretty Miss A heavy week, but that is to be expected.  Take a look at our week. . .

Miss E had her end of the year band and jazz band concert.  She did awesome!  Last of 3 end of the year concerts.  Done!

Miss A on her last day of high school!!!

Miss A and some great friends at the baccalaureate ceremony.

Our school started a new tradition this year--the senior walk.  The seniors all dressed up went to each elementary school and the middle school where the kids and teachers lined the halls, cheered and gave them high-fives.  It was a neat experience.  A great new tradition to start!  This was when Miss A was at my Mom's school.  

Getting set up for the senior recital.  We had a picture from her very first piano recital in Nov 2005.  She has been taking piano lessons for 12 years.

Miss A and her piano teacher of 12 years.  She has been a huge part of her life.

Miss A played about 8 different pieces--all but 2 memorized.  Then she sang one song.

And recited her forensics poem that made it to state.  It was about 45 minutes and she just rocked it!!!! I was so very proud of her!

Then onto graduation!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 19

Busy week--last band concert, last choir concert, Little Oscars (which is our school's fancy drama awards night).  Graduation is this coming Sunday.  Oh my.  I have my waterproof mascara ready, and seeing as I am on the school board I get to give Miss A her diploma.  How cool is that?  I get to cry in front of everyone :)  It is all good.  Trying to enjoy it.  Her last day of school is tomorrow.  The other kids have one more week.  Looking forward to this weekend and family coming to town.  It is going to be great.  But that is coming up, so let's look back at this past week. . .
My 3 girls with their amazing band director!  The band and jazz bands did awesome tonight!  Sure love Mr. K!  So grateful he is blessing all three of my girls' lives!

The seniors in band at the end of their last concert.  A great group of kids!

And two days later we had the last choir concert.  Miss A in Singers.

She did an amazing job on a solo in "For Good" from the musical Wicked.  So proud of her.  Yes, I cried.

And in between all these concerts Mr J enjoyed a beautiful day and some bubbles!  Trying to keep life simple.

Little Oscars, and Miss A got to give out an award and was recognized as a senior forensics member.

Miss O and Miss A all dressed up for Little Oscars.  It is a fun, formal affair.  

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 18

Big week this week--senior awards night, a work cookout, an awesome movie and another birthday!  Really if I can make it through this month sane it will be a miracle!  Trying to enjoy it all and not drown :)  that is a challenge!  Take a look at our week. . .
Sunday afternoon dress-up :)  

Senior awards night--the senior girls--what a great group of girls that have been together since grade school.  They are all going to do great things!

Miss A along with these 3 was awarded an awesome local scholarship!!!!  We were sure excited about that one! So nice to see her hard work rewarded!

Went out to one of Ben's co-worker's farm to see the baby lambs and have a cookout.  Miss E was excited about holding one!

Ben and Miss O hold some other ones while Mr J admires them.  They were very soft.

It was a perfect night for a cookout--roasting hot dogs and s'mores!  

Then we had another birthday this week---Miss E turned 14!  For her birthday she wanted to go see Civil War, and everyone was excited about that!!!  Good show!  We are huge Avengers and Captain America fans at our house!!!

Happy birthday Miss E!  We sure love you!!!!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 17

Last track meet of the season this week, a sweet 16 birthday, and some author visits.  It was a good week!  Take a look. . .
Last track meet of the season for Miss E--it was very cold, very windy, and raining by her last race.  She was ready to be done, but she did great!  First in 4x100 and 2nd in 4x200.  Go girl go!

Once a year we have a special author's event in our area.  Two children's authors/illustrators usually come, visit the different schools and do workshops with the kids.  This year Obert Skye was one of the authors.  Miss O has loved his stuff for years and was excited to meet him.

Deborah Hopkinson was the second author here.  She does more non-fiction stories.  She does great stuff.  Miss E was excited to meet her.

As part of the celebration, the school kids write their own books and get to share.  Ben and I were volunteers for this part of the program.  This is one of Ben's groups as they share their stories they wrote.  Some super talented kids!

And to cap off this awesome week, Miss O turned 16!!!!  We spent a lot of time filling her car--or trying to fill her car with balloons :)  It was wet and windy, and the balloons were not very cooperative, but we got it mostly filled :)  She was excited and surprised to come out and find it stuffed in the morning.

Our sweet 16 girl!  What joy she brings to our family!  She requested a Dairy Queen oreo blizzard cake for her birthday.  Yum!  Sweet 16!  Sure love this girl and excited to see what this year brings for her.

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