Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 39

A crazy, insane volleyball week--3 games and one all-day Saturday tournament, but now they are done.  A cross country meet, a symphony concert, and a talent show concert.  It was a busy week!  School campaign still going strong.  5 more weeks, and we are going to win this!!! Take a look at our week. . .
Volleyball game #1 of the week. . . Miss E in the middle ready to receive the ball.

Got away with some great girlfriends for lunch and plant shopping!  So fun!  Thank heavens for good friends!!!! 

Cross country meet for the week.  Miss A going strong.  She got a medal and did great!!!!

Miss O also ran varsity, got a medal and did great!!!  Sure proud of these two!  

I think this was volleyball game #3 of the week. . .

Got to go hear the symphony which was absolutely amazing!!!!!  

All-day volleyball tournament and her crazy, fun team!  They played their hearts out and had a good season.  Even if it wasn't full of wins, it was full of hard work and lots of fun which is what middle school sports should be about.

Saturday night they had a community talent show.  The high school band started it off, and they were awesome!!!  Miss A and Miss O are in there with their mellophones.  Please note the sparkly blue and gold sashes--2 other lades and I made them.  Looks pretty smart!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday thoughts

 My random Friday thoughts. . .

Love this one.  No one is perfect.  Especially not me.  We all make mistakes.  We need to be patient and conscious of others.  It reminds me of Marjory Hinckley's awesome quote, "Be kind.  Everyone you know is fighting a hard battle."  So true.  We all have our different trials and circumstances that cause us to act a certain way--to sin a certain way or make mistakes.  Don't judge.  Important words of wisdom I need right now.

Am currently reading this and loving it!!!!  Would highly, highly recommend it.  Miss A got it from my mom for Christmas last year, and all my girls have read it and loved it.  I picked it up this week and am so enjoying it!!!  

And finally, wanted to share this.  Loved it.  Could so relate the past couple of weeks. . . you never know. . .

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What's up Wednesday--pumpkin waffles

 We have had some cooler days.  Days where I have turned off the A/C and opened up the windows.  So nice.  Can't wait for fall!  So on one of those cooler days I got into a breakfast cooking mode.  I love pumpkin in anything, and I felt like I needed to invite fall all the way in by making pumpkin recipes.  I did my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and my pumpkin pancakes along with these pumpkin waffles.  One large 29 oz of pumpkin allows me to do a double recipe of the muffins and pancakes plus enough to make these waffles.  I put them all in the freezer to we are set for breakfast for at least a week :)  My mom sent me this recipe when I was a freshman in college.
Pumpkin Waffles

2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon sugar
3 beaten eggs
1 3/4 cups milk
3/4 cup mashed pumpkin
1/2 cup cooking oil

In a large bowl mix together the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, salt, and sugar.

In another bowl mix the eggs, milk, pumpkin, and cooking oil.

Combine the egg mixture with the flour mixture and mix well.  It is okay to leave a few lumps.

Cook in a waffle iron according to manufacturer's instructions.

Serve with butter and syrup.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 38

 Behind is still the word here.  Crazy.  Had 4 volleyball games, but the cross country meet for the week was canceled due to bad weather.  Only one more week of volleyball, but that includes 3 games and a tournament.  Crazy.  Things are coming together with the school campaign, but just busy, busy, busy.  I am looking forward to November 5th :) (voting is Nov 4th)  Here is a look at our week. . .

Had some family time and played the game Pictionary.  We haven't played that in a while.  The kids thought it was really fun.  

Volleyball game #1 of the week.  Miss E has such an awesome and positive attitude no matter how her team does.  I admire her.  She is a hard worker!

Miss E got to make some cookies for math class this week.  Lucky math class, huh?

Volleyball games 2, 3, and 4.  Had a tournament today.  They played really well!!!

In all her crazy busy schedule, Miss A is good about getting in her piano practice.  I love to hear her play.  She is so very good!
What my kitchen counter looks like on a typical school morning--lunch boxes, ice trays, water bottles, peanut butter. . .morning rush chaos.

Ben had some time to read to the kids this weekend.  Always a good thing!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday thoughts

My random Friday thoughts. . .
This is one my girls found to put in their lockers.  I wish more adults would remember it.  Lately I have been dealing with a lot with this school bond issue.  I have seen an side of some people that isn't very pretty.  We encourage our children to be kind, considerate, respectful, never rude, but some adults sure aren't that way.  What does that teach our kids?  We demand it from them in school, home, but then they see adults do the exact opposite on social media.  I was talking to my kids about being kind no matter where you are or what you are doing and how you can do that.   Miss E said that you need to remember to not say anything online (via texting, facebook, or whatever social media) that you would not say to someone in person.  Man, I wish adults would remember that too.  If you would never say it to them in person then you should definitely not say it in social media.  We are still accountable for our actions and words be they in public or on screen.  And people need to be respectful of others' beliefs and views.  If you don't agree with me on the school bond issue, that is fine, as long as you are informed and understand the issues and numbers.  If you don't take time to become educated about an issue then you shouldn't be making comments about it because those comments are usually incorrect.  I am not going to comment on the governor's race because I am not yet educated on most of candidates and their platforms, but once I do my homework, then I can intelligently express my opinions.  But if someone really takes the time to study the issue, look at the numbers and get their information from reliable sources, and they disagree with me.  That is fine.  We can agree to disagree and move on.  I am not going to argue with anyone especially someone who is not educated on the issue.  I will discuss in a calm, respectful way, ask questions, and listen, what are their concerns?  Why do they feel this way? and then I can walk away with my head held high because I kept myself positive, kind, respectful and considerate of others.  Walking away, with your head held high is dignity.     

Have a great weekend and keep your head held high.   See you Monday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's up Wednesday--banana bread pancakes

We love bananas at our house.  Miss O especially loves them.  When I found this banana bread pancake recipe they were all really excited.  The dough is very thick.  I have made it a few times and always add more buttermilk at the end to thin it out a little.  Enjoy!
Banana Bread Pancakes

2 cups flour (I have used all white, all wheat or a mix, all work well)
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon brown sugar
1/3 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2/3 cup buttermilk plus more to thin if needed
1 Tablespoon vanilla
2-3 large ripe bananas, mashed
2 Tablespoons butter, melted

In a large bowl combine flour, baking soda, salt, brown sugar, white sugar and cinnamon.  Whisk until all combined.  Add buttermilk and vanilla and mix in a with a spatula or wooden spoon.  Add in mashed bananas and butter.  Mix until smooth.  Add more buttermilk to thin batter if too thick.  You want the batter thick, but not super thick.  Cook on hot griddle using a 1/3 cup for each pancake.  turn when pancake starts to bubble about 2 minutes, then turn and cook until done about 2 minutes more.  Times are adjustable.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 37

It was a fun and very busy week. . .volleyball games, cross country meet, homecoming parade, band uniforms, football game and band halftime performance.  Crazy but lots of fun.  Here is a look at our week. . .

Had a full moon and the girls had fun getting a picture of it.

The wild sunflowers are blooming right now, and I love it.  It always amazes me how they can bloom in the hottest and driest part of the summer.  

Been working like crazy to get these band uniforms done for Friday night.  We got all the pants hemmed a few weeks ago, but have been working on the gold and blue sashes.  I haven't sewn this much in my entire life. . . :)

Miss E had two volleyball games this past week.  It was fun to see her play and her enthusiasm.  She got to spike the ball and was super excited!  

This week's cross country meet.  Miss O was leading the pack for our team.  She ran varsity this week and did awesome!  Miss A is not too far behind her.

Our girls cross country team ended up getting 2nd as a team at the meet which was super cool!  Aren't they cute?  Sure love those girls!

Homecoming parade.  Miss O center and Miss A on right.  It was Miss A first parade.  Lots of fun!

My two high school girls are also in the Singers group and got to sing the National Anthem before the football game started.  Miss O front row on the far right and Miss A front row just to the left of the girl in the red suit.  They sounded awesome.  

First halftime performance of the season.  They were impressive, and I must admit I was proud of their shiny blue sashes :)  Awesome!!!  Miss A and Miss O are in there somewhere :)

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great week!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday thoughts

 My random Friday thoughts. . .
I would agree with this.  Good marriages, good families, a good education and the list goes on are definitely worth having but do not come easy.  All take a great deal of work--constant,every day work.  You don't reach a point in your marriage or family and say "Oh, we are great now, we are done."  Doesn't work like that.  It is a conscious, daily effort to make them good and keep them that way.  I remember the quote I read once, "without hard work, nothing grows but weeds."  My flower beds can relate to that statement right now as I have not had anytime to get out in them.  That hard work statement applies to all areas of our lives.  We were not sent to this beautiful earth to have all sunshine and no rain, all play and no work.  We were sent here to work hard and show what we can do and to show our Heavenly Father our willingness to follow Him and ultimately return to Him.  That is definitely something worth having.  Work hard!  

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's up Wednesday--zucchini bread

Sadly our horde of zucchini is coming to an end.  The squash bugs seem to find us every year no matter what we do.  I hate squash bugs.  This is Ben's Mom's recipe.  It is very good.  My girls like to make it.  I like it when they make it :)  It is just a basic, yummy zucchini quick bread recipe.  Enjoy!
Zucchini Bread
 3 beaten eggs
1 cup oil
2 cups sugar
2 cups grated zucchini
1 Tablespoon vanilla
3 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup chopped nuts, optional, (we never put them in)

Mix everything together until blended.  Spray two large loaf pans with cooking spray.  Bake 350 for 1 hour and test with toothpick in center to see if done.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 8, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 36

A fun week . .volleyball games and cross country meets started this week.  Of course, they are on the same days and in totally opposite directions, so we couldn't make it to both.  Sadly we missed Miss E's first volleyball game, but we made it to Miss A and Miss O's first cross country meet.  It was a super hot and humid day--95 degrees, not the best running weather, but they did awesome.  More below.  So here is a look at our week. . .
These missionaries from our Church have been serving in our area for the last few months, and one was getting moved this week, so we got a picture.

It is apple time!  We have 2 apple trees in our backyard, and this year they are full of these beautiful apples!  Yum!

Ben has made about 30 quarts of applesauce with our apples so far, and we still have lots left on the tree.  My next project is to make apple butter.

First cross country race of the season!  It was Miss O's first meet ever since she is a freshman.  This is Miss O and Miss A with 2 of their teammates.

So Miss O ran the JV race and won by a long shot!  #2 was no where close to her.  You can see Miss A cheering her on the sidelines.  We were super proud of her!  Miss A ran varsity and lead her team and medaled.  We were super proud of her too!  Next week I think the coach is going to have them run together in varsity, so that will be neat to see them run together!

Had to get a picture of the team as they prayed before the varsity race.  Love that!

Mr J made a rainbow with his trains today after school.  Trains are the best!

Saturday we had a church girls basketball tournament in the city.  We only had 4 girls from our congregation, so one from another congregation joined us.  The tall girl in the center and I coached.  It was a long day for these 5 girls.  They played 9 games, won 7 of them and ended up 3rd overall.  They never got a break--played the whole day!  I was proud of them!

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great week and come back soon!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday thoughts

My random Friday thoughts. . .
Love this.  My girls have it in their lockers.

So "behind" has been my word lately.  My sink is full of dishes, my bed isn't made, I don't know what is for dinner, piles of papers litter my computer desk, laundry is folded, but not put away.  But you know what, that is ok.  I am only one person, but I am one person.  One person can make a difference.  I can't do everything, but I can do something.  As I tell my kids often, "You can do anything you want, just not everything you want."  Words I need to remember.  Balance, priorities, the power of one for good.  Things I need to remember this Friday.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans week 35

Behind is the word here lately.  I am just running behind.  I took on the responsibility of running the citizens' campaign for new schools in our town and that has been quite overwhelming.  Say a little prayer for me, our campaign and our kids.  This is all about the kids, their future, and they need new schools.  Anyway, in between all that stuff, we have been busy with all the other things of life.  We enjoyed our 3 day weekend. Volleyball games and cross country meets start this next week, so extra busy.  Here is a look at our week. . .
Ben and Mr J were in charge of dinner tonight.  They made mini stuffed pizzas.  They were good!

Had back to school night at the middle school.  Miss E showing off her locker.

The ALS ice bucket challenge has been sweeping our town lately.  All our bands did it.  Miss E got challenged individually, so here she goes :)

Miss O told me something I knew I needed to document, she said, "Mom, thank you for making me take piano and not letting me quit."  Wow, that meant a lot!  She is working on a Piano Guys song lately that we love to hear her play.  She told me she was glad she could play songs like that now.  

The kids had some spare time this weekend and enjoyed playing games together.  They are playing Seven Wonders here.

Mr J is very good about practicing his piano every day after school.  Today I just sat down, put my feet up and enjoyed hearing him play.  

We have had these 2 cute sister missionaries serving in our town from our Church for the last several months.  They are both from Tonga.  One of them is moving on, so we had to get a picture.  

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What's up Wednesday--beef stir-fry

This is a super easy stir-fry recipe my mom made when I was growing up.  Just marinate the meat for about an hour or you can do it way ahead of time and marinate overnight.  I buy the Costco frozen stir-fry vegetable mix, but have also done it with just broccoli, so whatever veggies you have one hand or your family likes.  Enjoy!
Beef Stir-Fry
Cut beef into thin strips and marinate in
1/4 cup soy sauce
a few dashes of garlic powder
Combine and let set an hour or overnight. 

Mix up your sauce

First mix well together
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon sugar
then add 1/2 cup beef broth
1 tablespoon soy sauce

When ready, cook your meat in a fry pan.  When done, remove and cover to keep warm.  Add veggies to pan and cook until warm.  When veggies are done add in meat and pour sauce over.  Cook for about a minute until sauce thickens slightly and all is covered and heated through.  Serve over rice.