Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Beard makes all the difference

Santa is just awesome. We love him at our house, but let me tell you the beard makes all the difference! We have a town square, and during the month of December they bring in a cute little red, white, and green house onto the square. It is Santa's house, and Santa is there every Thursday night in December. You can come visit him in his house, then they have free hot chocolate, cookies, and free kid train and trolley rides. It is fun, but Miss O was not very impressed with Santa's beard. We got out of the Santa house, and one of her school friends was waiting in line to see Mr. C. Miss O whispered to him "His beard is fake!" Obviously. . .

Miss O with Santa in the Santa house and his fake beard.
Then we went to the Library's special Christmas storyhour. They had carolers and then Santa was in the back room. Let me tell you this Santa was awesome! Can you see the difference?

Mr J and Mr C

Miss E and Mr C

Miss O and Mr C. He told her she could pull on his beard to see if it was real. She did, not too hard, and she was so impressed! We saw Nana right after and Miss O was so excited to tell her we saw the Real Santa with a real beard! Let me tell you the beard makes all the difference!

Even Miss A loved him! Who wouldn't with that Beard? Gotta Love Santa--he is so sweet!


  1. Hee hee! Oh that's so funny.
    We have a town square too with a permanent train caboose that serves as Santa's "room" in December. Isn't that funny?
    Long live the REAL beard!

  2. Hi!! I am Marie in Japan.
    Merry Christmas!!
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