Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The monster has arrived

Santa came early for my hubby this year because this just wasn't going to fit down the chimney or under the tree.  He has been wanting a big flat screen TV forever.  We've had our nice big boxy one for a long time, and I thought it worked well, but you know--it's a guy thing.  I just said "get what you want honey," because I really have no clue when it comes to LCD/LED/plasma (huh???),  and so we ended up with this 55" monster.  Oh my.  But I must admit it is pretty cool watching Blue Rays on it.  We are so high tech now, and I have to rearrange all the pictures on my wall.  Thank you Santa.


  1. that. is. HUGE.

    don't tell ManOfTheHouse - his jealousy can't handle that right now!

  2. It is such a guy thing! I couldn't care less about electronics, but that's Chad's thing. Your husband must be so excited! What a great gift.