Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 26

Okay, we are about dying of heat here, with no rain and only over 100 degree days in sight, ugh, but we made it through another week and lived to tell about it :)  Hope you did too.   Blogger was not cooperating when I put my pictures in, and so they aren't all in the right order, but you get the idea. . .
Sunday:  I feel very blessed that my kids are able to live close to one of their sets of grandparents.  We wish we lived close to both, but things just don't work that way.  Miss O spent a special day with Nana, and they made this beautiful quilt runner to go on Miss O's dresser.  I was impressed--quite a lot of work for just one afternoon!

Tuesday:  Miss O was lucky enough to head with some girlfriends down to Oklahoma and see a friend of theirs that moved away last year.  The girls had too much fun! 
Wednesday:  Made some strawberry freezer jam today.  I make about 6 batches, and that lasts us a year.  My kids are spoiled and refuse to eat store bought jam.  They are strawberry freezer jam snobs :) and I admit I am too.  That stuff is so easy and so good!

This is Friday's shot.  We all love Harry Potter at our house and everyone but Mr J went to the first showing they had on the 15th.  We loved the glasses.  Miss E was sad it was over :)We couldn't do the midnight on Thursday because Miss A was at church girls camp, and she would have never forgiven us if we went without her. 

This is Monday's shot and the girls from our church as they were leaving for girl's camp.  I felt so sorry for them because it has been so hot!  They all survived, though, and even had a little fun, I think :) but Miss A was glad to be home to her clean house, her clean bed, and her house that had the AC on high :)

This is Saturday's shot, remember the picture from last week showing the Poptropica toys?  This is where they ended up today--my flower arrangement in the bathroom :)

This is Thursday's shot.  My mom was out of town for a few days, and I had my dad over for dinner because I want him to eat something besides chocolate ice cream and cereal while my mom is gone, so he was over for dinner tonight and Miss E and Mr J love to hear him tell stories about his life.  "Grandpa, tell us a funny story" they always say as soon as they see him, and my dad loves it :)

Hope your week wasn't as mixed up as ours :)  but was a good one!  Praying for cooler weather and rain here this next week!

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  1. I heard about the heat wave affecting your part of the country. Hope you are surviving.

    How fun you got to see Harry Potter with your girls. We are going soon - cannot wait!