Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 32

School officially starts this week.  Summer is over.  It has been a hard summer with it being so hot and dry.  It seemed similar to a long, hard winter where you were home bound and had cabin fever, because when it is triple digit temperatures the last thing you want to do it go outside and play, so I think we had some cabin fever going on here this summer.  I think everyone is happy to be starting back to school.  I will have a high schooler!  Ugh!  When did that happen?  I have kids in 3 different schools this year--elementary, middle school, and high school.  That should be fun :)  Sunday night I was looking at the week's schedule, and I told Ben, "Crazy officially starts tomorrow."  Here we go. . .

Sunday:  I have no picture, but I cut out the symbol for the London Olympics and asked everyone what their favorite sport/event from the games were.  So in my scrapbook I will have the Olympics symbol and these responses. . .

Ben:  Men's 10 M platform diving and David Bouda getting the gold, volleyball, swimming, and the awesome finish in the men's 5000 M when British Mo Farah won.

Jen:  the 15 year old American swimmer Katie Ledecky that won so easily the 800 M, she was amazing!  Watching Michael Phelps win more metals, he is just awesome, and I always love gymnastics!

A:  volleyball and swimming

O:  When 15 year old Katie Ledecky won the 800 M swim

E:  Swimming, diving, and track and field

J:  The trampoline!!

What was your favorite thing of the Olympics?

Monday:  My mom is a librarian at my kids' elementary school, and today we went and helped her get the library read for school to start.  Mr J is on the ladder to hang leaves and apples in the 'tree.'

Tuesday:  I am proud to be an American and to be able to vote today!  I take that responsibility very seriously and haven't missed an election since I turned 18.  

Wednesday:  Miss O went over to my mom's today, and she got a lesson in roll making.  She did a great job, and these were delicious!!

Thursday:  Miss E got her glasses in today!  They look really cute on her!

Friday:  Mr J has been begging all summer to have a picnic at the park, but it has just been too hot.  Thankfully the weather cooled today--the high was only 90--so we were able to have a picnic before the end of summer.
Saturday:  We really have not been outside much at all this summer.   It is sad, and we haven't been able to do many house/yard projects because who seriously wants to be outside working when it is 103?  Not me.  So today it was actually not too bad outside, and Ben and Mr J got on the roof to check out some things--getting on the roof and strutting around is such a guy thing :)  Miss E watches from the window.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope the end of summer and beginning of school goes well for all of you!

Chic Homeschool Mama


  1. What a great week in review. Those rolls look so good- you should post the recipe. I might want to make those.

  2. Those rolls look perfect. Yay for picnics! We had one too but it was 106 out that day. *sigh* The window watcher is an awesome shot. Good luck with the new back to school schedule. We'll be in the same boat next week. My head is already spinning jus thinking about it. Ack!

  3. Funny how 90s feels so "cool" this summer. Sigh.

    The rolls made my mouth water...

    What I loved about the Olympics was the fact that we all sat there watching and enjoying. There aren't many shows on TV anymore that get us to do that. All of us, mesmerized, captivated, enthralled and with grins on our faces. :) Yay Olympics!

  4. Great photos!
    I just came over from The Mom Creative.
    I have a Back to School Link Up at my blog and would love to have you!

  5. I'm with you on the heat - cannot wait for cooler temps.