Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 Blue Jeans Week 4

Loving January and the slower pace, but we have lots of basketball going on.  Miss E had 4 games this week. Ugh. She was tired, but they played awesome.  Besides basketball it was homecoming week this week, so that is always a big deal.  It was a good week.  Take a look. . .
Sunday nights we always skype with Miss A.  It is so nice to actually see her.  We talk, laugh, catch up and enjoy visiting for about an hour each Sunday night.  This is the crew tonight as we were talking to her, and Miss O was playing her a new song she learned on her ukulele.  

Basketball game #2 of the week. . . sure love this coach of hers!  He is awesome!!!  So grateful for coaches that care and take the time to teach.  

A picture from Miss A's week---my amazing brother-in-law took her and her roommate night skiing.  Fun stuff!  Wish we could have joined them!

As a fun thing for homecoming the mom's of the freshmen girls' basketball team got some sweet ladies to come in and do some corn row braids in the girls' hair so they all matched for the homecoming game.  Miss E and one of her teammates get their hair done.

And after it was all done--the whole team looked the same!  So cute!  Don't they look excited??? 

And here she is at the game--basketball game #4 of the week and man did they play hard!  So proud of her and her team!  

Saturday night was the homecoming dance....the girls all beautiful and ready to go :)  They didn't stay too long.  School dances are not their favorite things, but they went and then came home and watched a movie with us :)  Perfect Saturday night!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a good week! 

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  1. Love the braids and the basketball. My boys don't even go to the dances at all. Oh well. Super cool miss A got to go skiing and how wonderful she has relatives close to where she is. Have a great week!