Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 21

It is always so fun when family comes.  We just loved having Ben's parents here for a week.  We wish they could come every week!  We love you Grandpa and Grandma!
Sunday:  Playing Yahtzee with Grandma and Grandpa.  That is such a fun, classic game.

Monday:  Went on some fun hikes with Grandma and Grandpa and found this pretty waterfall.

Tuesday:  Grandma and Mr J.  He was excited to have Grandma help him with his piano since she was a piano teacher for years.

Wednesday:  One of our favorite summer activities--putting the sprinkler under the trampoline.   Mr J and Miss E love it!

Thursday:  Going to the library--we go to the library lots in the summer--sometimes every day.  We love the library and are going to read a ton of books this summer!

Friday:  For the last 2 weeks the girls have been participating in a children's summer theater workshop.  At the end of the 2 weeks they put on plays.  Miss E was the "meanwhile character" in her play that came out in between each scene and said, "Meanwhile" or "40 minutes later" and she did it in a very villain-like way, and she turned out to be the play's villain.  She did awesome.

Saturday:  Miss A was the narrator for her play and Miss O was the dragon--or the turtle with a shiny cape as she told me :)  So much fun!

Hope the summer is going well for all of you and that you have a great week!


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