Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 22

What a week, what a week.  We are loving summer here at our house, how about yours?

Sunday:  Our church's kids' magazine (The Friend) has a weekly summer reading program that we are doing on Sunday evenings.  We had a word search to do this Sunday.  Mr J wasn't too sure he liked it :)

Monday:  One of the 60 or so pictures that was a result of giving the camera to my 6 year old and his 10 year old sister for 30 minutes.  Say Cheese!!!  (so grateful for digital cameras!)

Tuesday:  Mr J and Miss O working hard on their father's day cards for Dad and grandpas.

Wednesday:  We went out to the farm of a friend because we wanted to see her baby goats.  The kids loved them.  This little white baby goat chased Miss O around and around a tree.  It was so cute!  Miss E loved holding it.

Thursday:  Had some really good car washers helping me out today. 

Friday:  Ben and the kids (mostly Ben) are making some book shelves for their bedrooms.  Our next door neighbor has the most amazing wood shop and always lets us use it and is so helpful.  Ben and Miss A check out 2 of the shelves they are working on.  They are making 3 total. 
Saturday:  It is so cute lately when Mr J goes to bed.  He brushes his teeth, says he prayers, we read a book, then it is lights out.  A few minutes after that he will call out, "Dad, aren't you going to come in for a little talk with me?"  So tonight I got a picture of their "little talk" as they were looking out his window at the fireflies.   So cute!  What a great Daddy he has!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and are enjoying your summer!


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  1. Those bookshelves look awesome! And how fun to take your kids to the farm. My dad grew up on a farm and I often think how great it would be to raise kids on a farm where they can learn to love animals, grow things and work hard. That's really cool that your kids got to go see the baby goats!