Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 39

We had a wonderful week with grandparents, hugging them, loving them, mourning one, and remembering them.  So grateful for family!

Sunday:  We had my dad over for dinner because my mom was out of town, and he was giving Miss O some Lego building advice.  Love that my kids get to grow up with at least one set of grandparents close!

Monday:  Mr. J doing homework after school.  We were practicing his spelling words.  What a difference a chalkboard and chalk or a white board and marker make.  It is much more fun to do spelling words on those than with regular paper and pencil, and popcorn always helps too :)

Tuesday:  I don't have a picture for today because we went to an amazing Flamenco Guitar concert by Ronald Radford, and I put the concert program in for my picture of the day.  The kids were especially impressed with how his fingers just flew all over the guitar.  Amazing!  If you ever get a chance to see a Flamenco Guitarist, go!

Wednesday:  I had lunch at school with Mr. J.  Love that boy, the lunch, not so much :)  but it was fun to be there with him and his classmates.  Cute kids!

Thursday:  Took the kids to the park after school today.  The leaves were beautiful and so fun to play in!

Friday:  We had a super fun surprise this week---my grandparents, my kids great-grandparents, drove 1,150 miles to spend the weekend with us.  It was so nice to have them, but also today we got the sad news that Ben's grandpa passed away.  He was 96 and had lived an amazing life full of service and love for his family.  Now all Ben's grandparents are gone, but we are very blessed to still have both sets of mine with us and healthy, so we were especially glad to have them visit this weekend.  So grateful for the wonderful examples in both Ben's and my family.

Saturday:  It was our town's annual celebration this weekend.  We all went to the parade.  My grandparents enjoy being here for this weekend and the parade.  The kids get so much candy!  They love it!

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Your grandmother still looks amazing Jen. (Is that the one I met?)