Sunday, October 23, 2011

Organized Christmas countdown starts today!

Okay, I am such a fan of Organized Christmas!  It is a free website that has several different countdown to Christmas/get ready for Christmas plans.  The one that I love and have been doing for about 5 years (big thanks to my friend Cathy!) is the 6 weeks Countdown to Christmas Plan.  It starts today and has you do little things every day and has themes for each week so by December 3rd you will be ready for Christmas--cards out, gifts bought and wrapped, meals planned, etc .  Yes, I am a Christmas geek, one of those people that thinks about Christmas all year, buys gifts all year, and gets sooo excited about it all year :)  but I truly love this site--it helps me keep myself in check, get things planned and organized so Christmas at my house is much more calm than chaotic so everyone can enjoy it--because it is supposed to be enjoyed, right?  By everyone, not just the kids!! :)  Check it out!  Join me on the Countdown to Christmas plan!

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  1. I love this - except I'd rather have one for "Organized Halloween" - much bigger fan than Christmas.