Monday, January 30, 2012

Cooking Tip #398

As I have mentioned before I am a "so easy and simple" cook, and I have learned a lot in the 16+ years I have been married and cooking, yet sadly I still have a lot to learn.  New lesson learned this Sunday. . .
Do not frost a warm cake--only frost a completely cooled cake

Cooking tip:  slightly warm does not equal completely cool
Sunday was Kansas Day, and we celebrate it at our house.  We have the tradition of making a sunflower cake on Kansas Day.

Some years it looks better than others :) (circa 2005)

So yesterday for various reasons that I won't bore you with we didn't get the cake made and out of the oven until almost 7 p.m.  We have scriptures, prayers, and the kids go to bed at 8, so there was no way the cake would be cool by 8.  The kids were not negotiable on having the cake tomorrow.  Sunday was Kansas Day, not Monday, so I said, okay, it is mostly cooled, just slightly warm, it shouldn't matter that much should it?  Um, yes it does matter.  My kids were standing, watching, and saying, "oh, dear Mom," but then followed it with, "don't worry Mom it will still taste good," as they piped on the flower and put all the chocolate chips on it.  I love my kids.  So at 8 p.m. we enjoyed a piece of slightly warm, badly frosted Kansas Sunflower cake, and everyone went to bed happy with visions of sunflower seeds dancing in their heads.

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  1. Ha ha! I LOVE it. Your kids know what's right. All that matters is the TASTE. Not the look :) Now if only I'd been there to enjoy a piece also...