Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last Blue Jeans Week of 2011

The last week of 2011 pictures. . .

Monday:  Santa left us with some pretty cool new bikes, and our weather has been nice enough that the kids have ridden them every day since.

Tuesday:  Grandpa teaching Miss A how to drive--drive!!!  I try not to think about that too often--14 year olds can drive legally in our state--crazy!

Wednesday:  Mr J had two things he requested on his new bike from Santa--a basket and a bell.  Santa found the cool black zipper "basket" and the silver bell.  You can hear the bell all up and down the street when he goes riding.  He loves that bell!  He says when he rings it he is saying "Hi!"

Thursday:  Mr J hanging out and playing with his Uncle.  Love it when family is in town to play with!

Friday:  Ben and I got away for our 16th anniversary.  We went to one of those themed room hotels.  We had the Presidential Suite where you walk into this library and then one of the shelves in the library is a door and opens to the room and jacuzzi tub.  So fun!

Saturday:  New Year's Eve was celebrated at our friends' house with yummy Chinese food and lots of Just Dance on the Wii.  Ben, Miss A, Miss O, and our friends get into it.  We were planning on staying until midnight, but about 10 everyone was about asleep, so we set off some fire works and were home by 10:30. 
Happy New Year!  Welcome 2012!

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  1. This was the year for outdoor toys huh? Such a nice winter thus far!
    Kids can drive here when they're 14 too but only on a limited permit. To and from school only. Needless to say our 14 yr old won't be driving just yet. No need to right now.

    Happy Anniversary!