Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 6

 Welcome!  Hope you have had a good week!  Here is what we have been up to . . .
Sunday:  For Christmas Miss A got the Settlers of Catan Cities and Knights edition.  It has taken us a while to figure it out and play it.  Today Ben and Miss A were determined to figure out how to play it.   Now they just need to teach everyone else :)

Monday:  A Valentine's tradition at our house is the Family Valentine's box.  Remember making a Valentine's box for school for your friends to put your Valentines in?  Well, we do that as a family on the first Monday in February.  Then everyone makes Valentines for each other and we open the box and distribute the cards on the evening of Valentine's Day.  Everyone gets to decorate a side of the box.  Miss O got to decorate the top this year.  It is a tradition my kids love.
Tuesday:  Snapshot from our lives--our job chart.  This is probably one of the most important pieces of paper in the house.  I had tried several different approaches to dinner dishes and kitchen helping over the years, but 2 years ago we visited my sister-in-law, and she had a system like this--one kid, and one kid only, was in charge of all the dishes for that day--empty dishwasher, set table, clear table, wipe it, sweep floor, and load dirty dishes.  I thought it was a great idea, then there is only one kid in the kitchen, and usually fights about who is supposed to do what do not break out when only one child is responsible and one person in a room.  It took a while for my kids to be converted.  They didn't like having do to everything for the whole day, but I loved no one fighting and complaining about someone else not getting their stuff done so someone else can do their job :)  The care and feeding of our chickens are separate from the dishes.  I have another chart for Saturday house cleaning jobs.  I just printed off the chart and put it in a page protector so we can write and erase it with dry erase markers.
Wednesday:  In case you didn't know, we are getting a new power line installed down our country road.  It has been a mess.  Today I had 7 trucks and about a dozen guys in my front yard trying to get this huge new poll ready to go in the ground.  So glad when this will be over with!

Thursday:  A relaxing evening with nothing scheduled, so we watched  Planet Earth--or at least Ben and Mr J took turns watching as they took turns playing Tiny Towers on Ben's i-touch :)  Boys and their toys.
Friday:  Usually for Valentine's Day at school my kids don't get to make their own boxes--the teacher will have the whole class make the same type of box/bag thing in class, so Mr J and I were excited when his teacher sent home the note that he was supposed to make his own--any way he wanted.  Miss A was such a nice sister and helped him find this cool monster design in an old Family Fun magazine (yes, I keep all my old issues) and they made it together today.

Saturday:  Mr J got his class Valentine's made today.  We went with really traditional ones this year--red and white doilies with another heart glued on top with a mini-candy bar glued on that.  Of course, we had to all try the candy bars to make sure they were good :) 

Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a great Valentine's Day this week!  Share the love!

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  1. Great shots. I love the idea of a family valentines box. I am doing that next year. Looks like a fun week.

  2. I love your family valentine box idea! I may have to pin it. We do our kitchen chores similarly for the same reason you stated. Great group of shots thanks for sharing.

  3. Great idea for a family Valentine's box--that is so cool. Love the one your son made for school too. My kids were so not into it this year. We'll see how their day went.

  4. Love the family valentine box tradition!! How wonderful. Been wondering about that Settlers of Catan game. I've been seeing it around and wondering if it was good. No candy for kids at our school this year... can't say I'm sad about that... we sent crayon hearts instead.

  5. Great pictures! Love the idea of the family Valentine's box & your son's box is adorable!

    Thanks so much for sharing your chore chart. What a great way to help things run smoothly.

    Have a great week!

  6. I used to own Settlers of Catan and lost my game somewhere along the road of life... your photo makes me want to get another copy of it!

  7. Cool! We love Settlers too. I always lose because I'm no good at strategy games, but it's still fun to play. :)

    Love the dishes chart. I just switched to something new too. It works, kind of. We may have to use your idea!

  8. looks like you had a wonderful Valentines week with your family.

  9. love the little valentine doilies & hearts! simple and cute! also like the kitchen job chart! may have to borrow that idea too! looks like another great week!