Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 5

I love my approach to documenting our lives.  I try to take a picture a day--of normal things, but as a friend pointed out this week, the snapshots usually don't show how busy or crazy things are.  I don't have photos of my kids screaming at each other or me screaming at my kids :)  I don't have pictures of the kids and Ben racing out the door 5 minutes late in the morning, or rushing to get dinner eaten before we run out the door for some other thing.  Maybe that is a good thing :)  I want to remember my days and the little things that made them special and make me happy--me yelling or my kids fighting really don't make me happy, but that does happen, and probably more than it should, but it is important to remember the smiles and the little things.  So, I take pictures of things that will help me remember the smiles, the little things, and what makes me happy.  Enjoy!

Sunday:  We celebrate our state's birthday every year with a sunflower cake.  This year we were rushed and frosting it didn't go as well as planned :), but it still tasted good!  More details if you want on this post.
Monday:  We have had spring weather in January, and today Ben and Mr J made a train track with the sidewalk chalk to run his trains outside

Tuesday:  Laundry day.  It has been my firm tradition since we got married that I only do laundry once a week--Tuesdays are my laundry days.  If you want anything cleaned any other day of the week, you are more than welcome to do it yourself ;)  my laundry mat is only open on Tuesdays.

Wednesday:  Spelling words are a part of life right now.  We try to come up with fun ways to study them.  Spelling them with letter magnets on the fridge is something Mr J likes a lot.  Anything that makes spelling more fun is worth it.

Thursday:  So I have this yoga DVD that I never use.  The kids found it and wanted to try it out.  I think they laughed more than anything.

Friday:  We got some rain, and Mr J went out in it to get the mail. 

Saturday:  Miss E has this fascination with cleaning out my fridge and organizing it.  I have no problem with her doing it, but she does get kind of cold, so she wore her gloves and winter hat to clean it out and organize today. 

Hope you have a good week and can capture the moments of happiness in your lives!

Naptime Momtog


  1. I love the idea of celebrating your state's birthday! The sunflower cake is so cute!

  2. You are so right about only taking pics of the good times...who wants to look back on a pic of the kids getting yelled at. ;-) love the pic of your daughter organizing the fridge with her gloves and hat on...priceless!!

    1. I can't find the link to post a comment :0( It only let's me reply? Anyway, great week. I too only do laundry once a week but unfortunately it has to be one of my weekend days. So cute your daughter putting on a hat and mittens to clean the fridge--LOL!

  3. Love the photo of them doing the yoga DVD. Laughter is exercise, you know :)

  4. Such great shots. I love any reason to celebrate and eat cake. Ha ha. I love the train track with chalk. How fun!!

  5. Great pictures!! Love that you celebrate your state's birthday each year with a cake....totally neat. Also love your philosophy on laundry.

    Have a great week!


  6. I wish my kids had a fascination with organizing and cleaning! :) Nice pics

  7. I am a social worker and I love that you have bounderies..."laundry only on Tuesdays" :) and the picture of your daughter cleaning the refrigerator with a had and gloves is adorable

  8. Tuesday is our laundry day as well. I'll be thinking of you day after tomorrow while I sort the socks :)