Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Week 21

Our first official week of summer, and it was a nice week!  So nice to sleep in!  Very little was going on this week since we were originally supposed to be in school, but they cut a week off because of budget cuts, so not too much going on.  Take a look at our week. . .
We had company this week.  This guy was a missionary in our area 15 years ago.  He has been so good to keep in touch, and he brought his cute family to visit us as he was traveling across the country this week.  It was nice to reconnect and visit.  
First project of the summer--every year--is room clean out.  I make the kids go through everything in their rooms--closet, shelves, dressers, under beds, and we clean out and get rid of lots of stuff.  This was just a part of what we took out and went through.  So nice to get things cleaned up, cleared up and organized.  A nice way to start the summer.

Miss E had some friends over to finally have her friend birthday party.  We just had no time around her birthday until now to plan a friend party.  We did a scavenger hunt and then the girls came back and played smash ball which is a family favorite game.  We play it whenever enough of Ben's family gets together.  The girls all enjoyed it.

Miss E blowing out her cupcake candle for her friend party. 

Enjoying one of our quiet evenings.  We played the game "Wise and Otherwise" which is Miss A's favorite.  You are given part of a saying and you have to make up the rest of it and then vote on which is the real saying.  It is pretty fun.

Getting ready for this next week which is Mr J's birthday.  Ben and Mr J are getting his cake decorated as is tradition in our family--I make the cake, and Ben and the birthday child decorate it.  Lots of good work going on here!

Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon!

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  1. So glad you had a nice relaxing week and got to spend it with friends. Love your flowers out front by where the girls are playing smash ball. We always do a summer clean out too. This year I'm getting rid of the built Lego sets and can't wait. They are such a pain to dust! Mr J's cake is looking good. Hope he has a great birthday. Enjoy your summer!