Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday thoughts

 Some more flower pictures this Friday.  .  .
My side yard is full of my tulips. Also my purple alliums are blooming and my iris have started to bloom.  Love spring.

Just a close up of a beautiful peach and pink tulip.  These mixed on their own.  I didn't plant this mix.  They are next to the white and magenta ones that also mixed on their own.  Gorgeous!

And I love my alliums!!!  Some more of the 100 plus bulbs I planted 2 years ago in the fall.  These are about 3 inches in diameter.  I have bigger ones that get about 6-8 inches but they aren't all the way out yet.  Love them!

White tulips.  So pretty against the green.

And the first of my iris just bloomed this week.  A beautiful white one

I wish you could smell through the computer screen.  These are "root beer" iris and have the most delicious smell of any flower!  Amazing!  

And what have I done since I got home Tuesday night from Omaha?  Run to keep up with my kids but also bake more cookies than I could believe possible.  I think I baked 15 dozen chocolate chip cookies this week.  I even ran out of chocolate chips, and for a girl who buys them in bulk, that is saying something.  We needed cookies this week for 2 track teams--middle school and high school, one National Honor Society meeting and one forensics team going to state.  Feeding lots of kids here :)  But I love it.  Cookie making runs in my blood.  It get it from my amazing grandma DeeDee who can whip out a batch of cookies faster than you can blink.  She is my cooking inspiration, and if she had just a quarter for every cookie she has made,  individually wrapped and given away, she would be a billionaire, and I am not exaggerating.  Her cookies have been sent all over the globe.  Her generosity knows no bounds.  She inspires me.  Love you DeeDee!  I am carrying on your cookie making tradition :)

Have a great weekend!  See you Monday--if I am not still behind and late which I just might still be so bear with me :)


  1. Mmm. Gotta get me some of those root beer iris. No WAY! That is awesome. And now I'm going to go make me some of Dee Dee's famous chocolate chip cookies. They are so yum.

  2. How come the cookies are not drizzled and individually wrapped? You are letting the Thorup name down - ha ha. Love the iris. They were Grum's favorite.

    1. Ha! I am just not as good as DeeDee yet. I did individually wrap them, just not drizzle. Give me a few more years :) Yes, Grum was out a few times in the spring to see my iris. He loved them.