Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday thoughts

The one thing that is constant in the world is change.  I am entering a different stage of life lately.  It used to be that I went to a lot of baby showers and planned them often for friends.  Haven't done those lately.  Lately it has been graduation parties for children of friends, and most recently a wedding for the child of a dear friend.  Wow.  Changes.  This school year I will be planning my own daughter's high school graduation.  Oh my.  College applications are the topic in our household.  Life changes.  You can't stop that.  Time marches onward.  My goal this year is to pay more attention.  Take a minute each day and enjoy my senior daughter and other kids more.  She leaves in less that a year.  Today is the last day August 28th that she will be living at home.  This is her last cross country season, her last marching band season, her last fall homecoming.  I am going to really try and enjoy and relish these "lasts" and try not to cry too hard too!  Life is good, but it is sure full of change, but that is ok.  We wouldn't want it any other way.  The world is waiting for this amazing daughter of mine, and she is going to do great things.  I want to love and support and cheer for her as she takes over the world :)  This last year home. . . here we go!

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