Thursday, August 13, 2015

2015 Blue Jeans Momma vacation

We did not fall off the face of the earth, even though it seems that way.  We just went on a family vacation and getting back into the swing of things--or "re-entry" as I call it, has been kind of rough.  School starts in 2 weeks, and we have had "to-do" lists a mile long since we got home.  But life is good.  We had a wonderful vacation.  We went to the cool, beautiful Rocky Mountains.  We had a glorious week.  The temperature when we left was 44 and no humidity and when we got home it was 100 with 80% humidity.  Ugh!  We all wanted to turn right around and drive back.  Before we left we picked up Miss A from the airport as she returned from her Girls Nation trip to Washington D.C.  She had an amazing week--met with both our state senators and President Obama.  Made some amazing friends and really experienced how government works.  The bill she and her co-worker wrote was "passed" into law, and that made her really happy.  She was so tired after that week,  though.  We picked her up and she slept the 10 hours it took us to get to our vacation spot.  It was so nice to be together again after 2 weeks of having at least one of the kids gone.  Now we are back, and we have 2 weeks of band camp and school prep before things get back to school "normal" or whatever that is :)  Take a look at our past few weeks. . .
This was the view from our condo for the week.  Amazing!  

We spent a lot of time doing puzzles and playing games.  So nice to have relaxing family time!

There was a walking/bike path and this mountain stream right by our condo which we really enjoyed.  We took our bikes out with us which was a very good thing!

Views were amazing!

Ben's Mom and Dad joined us for a few days and that was wonderful!  This day we dropped these bikers off to go down a 12 mile all downhill path. 

There was a beautiful lake there which we enjoyed visiting.

We went down the 12 mile bike trail a few times because it was gorgeous and so easy.  

And we even found some snow left at one of the ski resorts.

Mr J and a scenic area along the bike path.

We enjoyed playing in the mountain stream by the condo but as you can see by Mr J's face, it was a little cold :)

And went on lots of bike rides.

And one day we tried Supping--stand up paddleboarding at the lake.  It was fun!  Miss E and Miss A get a hang of it.

Miss E and Ben 

And I did go out and stood up for this one second and they got a picture

but that only lasted for a second because I came right back down again and did it like this the rest of the time.  I was too scared to fall in, but it was really fun, and nobody fell in :)

Mr J was a pro

And Ben's dad even tried it.

Lots of fun on the lake! Mr J, Ben and Miss O

There was a smaller lake close to the condo we enjoyed visiting.

There were lots of ducks and geese there we liked to feed.

Found a cool disc golf course close that we played.

Did a little hiking

And just had an all-around relaxing and great time together as a family.  So glad Ben Mom and Dad joined us!  We all loved it!

Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon!


  1. What a great vacation. Where did you go? Love being able to watch your family grow up.

    1. We went to Keystone, CO. We have stayed near there a few other years for vacation, but sure loved it here this year!

  2. Looks like an amazing vacation in some beautiful country. Great idea to take your bikes. The Colorado Rockies are gorgeous. We've been skiing there before and I dream of going back. Their snow and terrain is so different than what we are used to but in a good way. I also want to try paddle boarding. We see it everywhere here but just haven't found the time to give it a whirl. Good for you getting out there and standing even just for a second. Best of luck with the re-entry. It is hard especially when you have the start of school looming. My kids will be back Wed already but I'm looking forward to it helping normalize our schedule if that is even possible.

  3. Pretty awesome girlfriend. Looks great!
    I hope that your narration of it being 44 degrees with no humidity before you left was a serious typo. I'm thinking maybe it was 74? 84? 44 is pretty cold for summer temps! Ha ha ha ha!
    Good luck with those band uniforms. Wow. Oh, that was from the other post. Oh well. I'm catching up on your blog! ;)

    1. No, no typo. I was 44 degrees when we left at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. The highs only ever got to 70 while we were there. We were in heaven! :)