Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday thoughts. . .

Taxes are done!  Yeah!  FAFSA is done!  Needed to get them all done early because of the FAFSA and college deadlines.  I was disappointed this year, though.  I have used TAX Act for free for years and years--yes I do our taxes myself and always have, but this year I couldn't.  There are lots of places to do it free if you just have a 1040EZ/A but we use the 1040 and itemize, and I could not find anywhere to do it for free.  Bummer.  I still used TAX Act because they were the cheapest to do what I needed to do.  $25 did my state and federal e-filed.  Still not as good as free, but the cheapest I could find.  Then I had to do Miss A's, but hers were very simple and free all the way around both state and federal e-file.  Taxes.  What a fun thing to talk about on a Friday :)  but the fun thing is they are done and a refund is coming.  That is the fun thing :)

Have a great weekend!!

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