Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday thoughts. . .

Valentine's Day is kind of a big deal in my family.  It has been ever since my great-grandma started her fancy Valentine's Day Dinner when my DeeDee (my grandma) was a little girl.  We are blessed to live close to my mom who also keeps the fancy Valentine's Dinner tradition alive, but we started our own family tradition several years ago when our kids were little.  We have a family Valentine's box--like the ones you made in elementary school for all your friends to put your valentines in--we do that for our family.  We each help decorate it and stuff it full of valentines for each other.  We open it up on Valentine's day and share the love (and usually some chocolate that makes its way in there too.)
This is our 2016 box.  Everyone helps to decorate a side.

Lots of fun and lots of love!

Hope you have a great Valentine's weekend!!!

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