Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 13

A beautiful spring week!  We enjoyed Easter--so grateful for our Savior who loved us enough to suffer and die for our sins so we can live again!!!  What a blessing!!!  Got away for a day to the city with my bestest friends, had our first track meet (no pictures, sorry, but Miss E did awesome!), Ben and I had a great date up to the city to see the symphony, and just enjoyed life in general, but as I look at the April calendar I am dismayed--it is soooooo full!  Agh!  Every weekend from now until Graduation May 22 has something!!!  Crazy here we go!
Easter Sunday--what amazing blessings these kids are!  So blessed to be their mom!  Love Mr J's bow tie that Miss E tied because Ben had to be to church before Mr J even woke up!  What a lucky guy to have such talented sisters that help him out (because I sure didn't know how to tie it!!)

Easter Sunday we worked in a local soup kitchen.  We really enjoy that and the people we work with.  It is a blessing in our lives!

These two made this amazing lemon blueberry cake for Easter dessert.  Divine!  Recipe is here

Kind of far away, I know, but I didn't take the picture :)  My girlfriends and I went up to the city today to visit this amazing art museum and eat at its yummy restaurant.  So much fun!!!  

The trees coming out in all their spring glory around the museum were so beautiful!!!  Sure love these ladies and so blessed to have them as my friends!

Went back up to the city this weekend so Ben and I could attend the symphony.  My parents had tickets they couldn't use, so lucky us got to go!  Loved it and so enjoyed the amazing building it was in and being together!

Saturday was our turn to clean our church---our congregation takes turns cleaning it each week.  Miss A doing a great job vacuuming!  :)

Hope you had a blessed Easter week!  Thanks for visiting and come back soon!!!


  1. The kids look so great all dressed up in their Easter best. Looks like great times in the city. Good for you getting out and taking all that in. That cake looks amazing and so light and fresh--perfect for spring. Brace yourself! It will be a mad dash to the end. Try to enjoy the process and have fun with it. Graduation will be here before you know it!

  2. What a WONDERFUL way to spend Easter Sunday ... serving others.
    I love the kids' Easter outfits.
    Isn't it so great to get away and have a girls day? :)