Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Graduation 2016

So Miss A's high school graduation was Sunday.  She is all done.  It was a great experience, and she did amazing!  She goes to a small school, and the ceremony is very short--her graduating class had 80 kids in it.  They had one speaker--Miss A--elected by her peers, then they had 2 musical numbers of which she was involved in both, they did the valedictorian--of which she was one of them, and then read the names, and they were done.  Over is an hour.  It was nice.  As a school board member I got to be on the stand and give Miss A her diploma.  It was awesome!  So grateful for all the family and friends that came out and supported her!  Very glad it is over, now we just get to enjoy the summer until end of August when we have to take her to college.  Oh my. . . but I have 3 months of her home until then we we are going to make the most of it!!!!
Myself along with other school board members and administrators standing while the graduates walk in---a great group of kids that Miss A has grown up with and gone to school with since preschool.

Miss A being recognized as one of the valedictorians.  Very proud of her!

Miss A giving the one and only speech at graduation.  She nailed it!  Did awesome!!!  She was elected to speak by her classmates which was a great honor for her.

One of two musical numbers they did for graduation.  One was the senior choir members sang and Miss A was a part of that group, and then this one with Miss A on the piano and her friend on the cello--Miss O turning the pages--they did Ave Maria-- and it was gorgeous!

Then it was line up for diploma time!

And I got to give her the diploma and a really big hug!  It was a pretty awesome Mom moment I must admit.

Miss A going down the line. . .

After the ceremony with our awesome family--my parents

Ben's parents who drove 1150 miles to be with us!  Sure love them!

A very proud Mom and Dad!!!

My sister and her husband joined us.  Love them!

And the whole family.  It really was a great day!  So proud of this young lady and all her hard work and all that she has overcome to be so successful!  She is going to do great things!!!!  Love you to the moon and back Miss A!!!

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  1. So Awesome! Congrats to her and you for raising such an amazing young adult. Love that she has a small class. I graduated in a class of 50 so I can relate but Tyler is in a class of 500! That seems crazy to me and I'm sure graduation will be super long. You got such nice pictures too. I'm not sure with so many kids and in a baseball stadium how we will be able to get good shots but we'll figure it out. Enjoy these last few months with her. I know we'll be making the most of our summer.