Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 21

So graduation was Sunday of last week--more pics of that on the previous post if you are interested.  Then the rest of the week the other three finished up school, Miss O started a job, Mr. J had a birthday and all the end of the year awards assemblies.  Busy week, but summer is here!  Yeah!!!  Take a look. . .
Sunday was graduation.  Way more pictures and info in the previous post.  So proud of Miss A!

This happy 14 year old got her learner's driver's licence--Driver's Ed is going to be a big part of her summer!

This cute girl got a job at Dairy Queen!   First day on the job!  Blizzards here she comes!

We enjoyed having Ben's parents here for part of the week.  Ben's dad was watching Mr. J decorate his birthday cake.  

And a very Happy Birthday to this guy!  What a fun kid.  We sure love him and are glad we have a boy in our house!

On his birthday he had scouts, and it was his last one as a cub scout.  He received his Arrow Of Light award.  So proud of him.

Then it was the last day of school and awards assemblies--All A's all year for this guy!

Then Miss E was given a top honor in her school--academic, athletic, citizenship award.  

And then they announced the freshman class officers--and Miss E is Class President for next year!  Along with these other kids as VP, Sec, Tres, and class reps.  It will be a great next year for them as they move to the high school!

And finally to end our week, per tradition, our end of the school year "Toyota" jump!  Summer is here, and we are excited!!!

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  1. That's weird that graduation was on a Sunday!
    A HUGE congrats to Miss A.
    That's awesome that your kids got such high honors at school.
    It must be b/c they have such AMAZING parents. ;)

  2. WooHoo! Schools out for summer! They all did so great and now they can enjoy a nice break.