Tuesday, July 5, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 26

Ok, I think I am caught up now.  This is last week's pictures.  We had my sister and her family here for the beginning of the week, an art lesson from my dad, more bike riding, a play and a yummy treat.  Take a look at our week. . .
Nana came over and got the kids to take them on a hike.  Miss E was working and my other nephew was not feeling well, but these kids sure had a blast!

My little sister and me.  Sure enjoyed her and her family while they were with us!

For our young women's weekly activity this week my dad came and gave us an art lesson.  We learned how to draw the face.  It was awesome! 

Another bike riding day!  Nana took these two on a great bike ride early in the morning with a yummy breakfast stop along the way.  It was the perfect day for a bike ride!

We went up to the city this weekend and took the kids to a dinner theater restaurant.  We saw the play Beau Jest and had some really yummy food!  They had never been to anything like it, so it was fun to see them experience it.  Ben and I have been a few times.  Lots of fun!

When Mr J gets to make a snack all on his own he usually makes one of two things--peanut butter cheerios bars or muddy buddies.  Today he made muddy buddies.

Ta-Da!  And they were yummy and gone very, very quickly at our house!  His sisters appreciate his skills :)

Okay, will try to keep up.  Keeping up on the blog helps me to keep up on my actual paper scrapbook.  I use this for reference and to help me journal in that, so I need to keep this updated!  Have a great week!!!

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  1. So wonderful you had a great visit with your sister and her family. I bet the kids loved the dinner theater. It is a lot of fun. Muddy Buddy are not allowed in my house--LOL! I can't keep myself away from them otherwise ;0) I also use my blog as reference for my scraping which I'm way behind on. One goal this summer is to catch up on this year. I can do that pretty easily with the project life app because I can use my phone or ipad and scrap anywhere. I used it for all of last year and it was amazing. Even printed my pages right from the app.