Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 29

Hello!  Yes, I am playing catch-up again.  We had our family vacation this last week, and it was an off the grid, unplugged, no electronics week.  LOVED it!  We had a cabin in the mountains at an elevation of 10,000 feet.  The highs were 70.  It was divine!  but I digress, this is the week before that when we were dying in 105 heat index heat.  We sure appreciated that mountain air and coolness!  Anyway, the week before vacation we were finishing up some summer activities, and Miss O chopped off her long, long hair to donate and looks soooo cute!  Take a look. . .
Mr J found a recipe for chocolate crinkle cookies that he loves and has made a few times.  He was so excited to show me these cookies he made Sunday when I returned from my girls' trip with my mom and sisters.  These were yummy!

Summer band is an important part of our summer.  Miss O and Miss E will now be in the high school band together.  Looking forward to another awesome marching band season!

And this week marks the end of swim team.  These two heading to their last early morning practise!

Had some cute little friends over and did some amazing art!

Miss O and her before long, beautiful hair that is going to make some other girl very, very happy when she donates it.

Miss O after with her cute stylist and her way cute short and layered hair!  So proud of you Miss O!

And then end of last week we headed on vacation.  We stopped in Colorado Springs for a little to see the Garden of the Gods.

It was pretty cool!  More vacation photos to come!  Thanks for visiting!!!

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  1. Those cookies are one of my favorites. I make them every Christmas because they remind me of snow capped mountains ;0) Love that super cute haircut and for such a good cause. Can't wait to see more vacation pictures. Looks like a great start.