Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 31

Had a good week.  First time for Miss A to vote--which is a big deal in our home.  Our church had a college shower for Miss A and 2 others going to college.  My dad had an art exhibit we went to--awesome!  We enjoyed A&W's free float day---one of my favorite treats ever, and we went school supply shopping with Mr J.  Fun stuff!  1 1/2 weeks until my oldest leaves for college!   Take a look at our week. . .
Since she turned 18 a few months ago she had been studying and preparing to vote.  She knew the local candidates and knew what she was going to do.  Proud of her.  Voting is important!  First time to vote!!!!

Our church ladies were so kind and had a college shower for the 3 girls in our congregation that are heading to college in a few weeks.  They were so generous!  Good stuff!

Three amazing young women here that are going to do great things!   The one on the left is going to be Miss A's roommate at college.  

My dad is a professional artist.  He was a college art professor for 24 years, and now focuses more on his own art since he retired from teaching a few years ago.  He had an art exhibit this week which we totally enjoyed seeing.  Missing one here because she had to work, but sure love to see my Dad's talent!

Root beer floats are seriously one of my favorite treats ever.  We are lucky to have an A&W restaurant close by especially when today was Free Float day!  Man, can't be that!!!

This guy is so excited for schools supply shopping--his sisters, not so much, so the two of us tackled his school supply list today plus other things :)  It is nice to check that off the list!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!

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  1. So cool to be able to vote. I know Tyler is looking forward to it. He turns 18 just before the big election. I always forget about free float day. We have an A&W close by too. I'll have to set a reminder on my phone for next year. Awesome to have a college shower for the girls. That so sweet and ugh on the back to school shopping. I'm hoping to bang that out today. So not my favorite thing to do.