Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 44

Running late this week because I was so sick with the flu for most of the week.  Ugh....and yes I got the flu shot.  Not fun stuff.  Anyway I am back to the land of the living except for a horrid cough and trying to get caught up.  Wrapping up Halloween pictures here and into November!  Take a look. . .
Our scary Halloween pumpkins!  

It would not be Halloween at our house without pumpkin sugar cookies to frost and to eat!!!  A Halloween tradition.

Ben's department at work decided to dress up like minions on Halloween.  Love it!  They looked so cute!

And here was our crew Halloween night to head out trick-or-treating!  Candy here we come!!

Finally got my barn quilt up!  Love it, even though I don't have a barn :)

A picture from Miss A---she and her roommates took a road trip up to Idaho and went to Napoleon Dynamites house!   Fun stuff!

And this was Saturday right before the flu hit. . . Ben and I were volunteers at a reading festival which was really cool but I didn't enjoy too much because I could tell I was getting sick.  Ugh.  But doing much better now.

Hope you have a great week!  Thanks for visiting!!!

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  1. Great pumpkins and costumes. Your barn quilt looks awesome all hung up and sorry abt the flu. Ugh!