Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Blue Jeans Week 45

Still running behind, but better late than never.  Feeling better but still have a yucky cough.  So looking forward to Thanksgiving and getting to see Miss A!  Had a good week, take a look. . .
Love hearing these guys sing together.  I couldn't join them because I had lost my voice from being sick, but I could still listen and enjoy.  

Piano recital this week.  Sadly I was too sick to go, but Ben recorded it for me and the kids did great!

A pretty scary looking dodge ball team :)  Dead week at school and they had a dodge ball tournament.  Fun stuff!

After school one day this week---Mr J is so lucky to have his older sisters who can help him with math because his mom sure can't!  

End of the week we got up to the city to attend the temple with these cute kids.  And can you believe the roses--for mid November?  Gorgeous!!!

And our weather has been so mild we had to mow one more time.  Really hoping this was the last time!!!
And we had the cross country family banquet this past week--always a fun thing.  So proud of these girls and all they have done and sure love that coach!!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great a week!

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  1. Another busy week. All looks great. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the visit with your girl!