Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 Blue Jeans Week 12

Ah, spring break how I love you.  Sleeping in is so nice after the daily 5:30 a.m. wake up for seminary/school.  So we all loved our spring break, slept in, read lots of books, made and ate yummy food, and just relaxed.  We didn't go anywhere far, just did a day in the city and did fun things around home.  I had a birthday in the middle of it which was fun too.  Take a look at our week. . .
The week started off great with Free Cone day at Dairy Queen.  Lucky Miss O was working and they gave away over 1,000 free cones that day.  Busy day for her!  We sure enjoyed ours!  Yeah for ice cream and spring break!

Went hiking one day by some cool trails by our house.  Love my explorers :)

Then one day Ben took off and we went to Kansas City to explore for the day.  We visited the National World War I museum which we highly recommend.  It was pretty awesome. See that tall tower?  That is part of it and you can go up to the top and look out.
So we did.  This was the view.  I am a little scared heights, so I admired from as close to the back as I could get :)  It was a beautiful day and a great view of the city.

I have been looking around for unique places to eat, and I read about this tiny little burger place that has been open and making the same burgers since 1937.  Must be good to be around for 80 years!

So we checked it out.  It was tiny, but so good!  They make all their hamburgers with grilled onions and use thin patties.  We all got double cheeseburgers and they were good!  They are also known for their chocolate shakes which we also tried out and YUM!  Just a simple, fun little hamburger place.  Mr J doesn't look too trilled, but he did like his burger :)

Then we ended the day in a great way taking my sister and brother-in-law with us to one of those fancy city theater (yes, we are small town people :) with the fancy recliners and menus....to see Beauty and the Beast.  We LOVED it!  Soooooo good!  

And Happy Birthday to me!  We got an amazingly yummy lemon curd cheesecake in the city from Costco.  Oh my--Divine!  Perfect birthday cake for me!  It was a good day!

Hope you had a good week.  Thanks for visiting and come back soon!


  1. ♪ ♫ Happy belated birthday! ♪ ♫ I haven't tried that Costco cake yet, but it looks super good. I'm glad y'all had a great Spring Break and were able to sleep in and enjoy the time off. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love lemon curd so that cake looks amazing. Yum! So glad to hear you had a fun filled spring break. We still have one more week to go before starting ours. Can't wait!