Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our fire pit

I think fall is the season for roasting hot dogs, making s'mores, and tin foil dinners. We have a fire pit. It was one of the first things Ben and I did to our backyard after we moved in about 4 years ago. I had always wanted one, and I had visions of roasting marshmallows while admiring the stars. I must admit the stars in the country are amazing, and we have roasted some pretty good marshmallows. We can also boast to having some really big bonfires (another advantage of living in the country) which the kids think are "TOTALLY AWESOME!!!" Two weekends ago Ben and the kids did hot dogs for dinner over the fire pit. I was shopping in the city for the day and missed out. This past weekend Ben made tin foil dinners that we cooked over the fire pit. Yummy! Miss O was at a birthday party and missed out, but my they were yummy! Welcome the season and outdoor cooking!!

Nothing like a little smoke in your eyes. . . .

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