Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend review

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so blessed and have so much to be grateful for! Just a few of my many blessings---my amazing husband, my sweet kids, wonderful friends, a nice home that I love, a free country, wonderful parents and parents-in-law, amazing family on both sides, being able to walk, run, see, smell, touch, and read good books! my camera, soft socks, warm robes, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry jam, and a bed :)

Preparing for Thanksgiving. Miss E decorated the "little kids" table, or the table for 2nd graders and under :)

The "big kids" table, or the table for 4th graders and older :)

Look at those hungry kids!

Look at all those people eating in my living room, and not a single one of them spilled on my new carpet! I was so thankful!

Yes, Ben and I got up at 4:30 a.m. and went to the Wal-Mart Black Friday sale. Ben goes every year, and I sleep in, but this year I decided to go since we had a big list, and it was really fun! I think Santa has my gift somewhere in the cart (a cricut maybe?!?!?!?!) I can't wait until Christmas!!! How many days left? Mr J asks me that every day now "How many days until Christmas today mom?" I am counting down too! We need to make our countdown chain tomorrow.

The weekend ended on a GREAT note as we watched BYU BEAT Utah on the big screen at our friends' house. Unfortunately our friends in red are Utah fans, but we didn't rub it in too badly :) Ah, life is good, we can enjoy the holiday season now because the Y won. I am very grateful for that!!!


  1. we did black friday at the iola walmart last year :) none for us this year and I wish we did b/c I still have lots of gifts to get! ooooh - hope it's a cricut - I love love love mine just wish I hadn't gotten it before the big one came out - ha!

  2. Holy cow!! You totally take the cake for the number of people you hosted at your house. And I thought my hosting was rough with 10 people. Wow!

  3. Wow! What a crowd! You go girl.
    Go Cougs!