Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tricks and Treats--Signs of Halloween

Getting ready to go Trick-or-treating, our Chinese Girl, Charlie Chaplin, our Alligator Hunter, and our Train Engineer
Our Chinese Girl during the Halloween parade at school. She wore those shoes the whole block, ouch!

Ben took the kids to the Buster Keaton Silent Film Festival the end of September, and they showed some Charlie Chaplin films, and the kids loved them! Miss O came home that night and said she wanted to be Charlie Chaplin for Halloween.

Our spooky jack-o-lanterns

Miss A, dressed as a tree for our FHE family Halloween party, shows off her carved pumpkin.

Miss O and her pumpkin

Grandpa came to our party too dressed as a letter (see the stamp on his head?) and Miss E requested that he help her with her pumpkin. They made a cyclops. Cool, huh?

Mr J and Nana show off the pumpkin they did.

One of the 3 batches of pumpkin shaped sugar cookies I made last week. I use my grandma's recipe that I will have to share sometime. It is the best!


  1. I love thte family traditions- good times!

  2. Awesome costumes! And would love the recipe for the cookies.