Sunday, January 3, 2010

14th Anniversary and baby advice

In between a birthday, Christmas, and New Years, Ben and I celebrated our 14th Wedding anniversary. Wow! 14 years flew by quick! I am so blessed to be married to the most wonderful man in the world. I got very lucky, and he is very smart--he married me :) We were able to get away to one of those themed room hotels which was just amazing! Thanks so much to my parents for watching the kids overnight. It is so nice to get away for a little while. We are blessed. I was reflecting this week over this same week 12 years ago. The week I had my first child was absolutely crazy. The week Miss A was born, Ben and I both graduated from BYU, had our first baby 2 days before Christmas, celebrated Christmas, moved, celebrated our 2nd anniversary, then had New Years. My neighbor at the time, said wow, we were hitting 3 of the 5 most stressful events in life being --birth, death, job change, moving, divorce. Yeah, we hit 3 in one week. Crazy! Then the week my second child was born Ben graduated from grad school, we had our 2nd baby, we moved, and Ben started his first job. Crazy week, and again we hit 3 of the 5 most stressful life events, so when I had my 3rd and 4th babies, and the only things we did those weeks was have a baby, and I was thinking this was pretty easy! So, my baby advice is having a baby in a week is enough stressful events for one week, just focus on that. I learned from experience and some days I look back and wonder how I survived :) But I did, and I am grateful. I guess with your first child you have no idea what to expect, so you don't know any better, and the 2nd was just like the first, so I figured it was normal, but with 3 and 4, I figured out how crazy we had been :) Live and learn. Life is good.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cute!

  2. I think I remember that week with your first. Weren't we in that Humanities class together? And the professor let you take your finals early?? I really hope I'm thinking of you here :) Yes - stressful days. I don't know how you possibly did the moving. I'd rather have 2 babies at once than move at all. I hate moving..

  3. Yes, Rachael, that was me 9 months pregnant and sitting in a desk or trying to fit in a desk! :)