Friday, January 22, 2010

Fishing line Snowflakes

Since we are on the downside of January, I thought I better show you my snowflakes that I put up for this month. These went up when the Christmas decor went down. I expanded my hangings into the kitchen over the kitchen table. That fishing line works great anywhere! I just hung these off the light fixture over the table--if you are really tall, which we don't have a problem with in our house--you bump into the longest ones, but otherwise they work well. Now I just need to find hearts for next month. Anyone seen any cute hearts that I could hang? Thanks to my friend Angie for finding some snowflakes for me!!!
It is no secret how I hang the ones in my entry. I have big wooden beams, so I just stick a tack in them, wrap the fishing line around the tack, and hang the snowflake on the end of the fishing line. I don't know how you would hang them on an actual ceiling? Would a tack stay in a ceiling? I don't know. Mine go into a wooden beam.
The snowflakes in my entry. There are silver and blue ones.

I like the blue ones!!

So have any of you tried out fishing line yet? What are you hanging?


  1. Love reading about your family and you. Love the "flakes.." and I too love the blue ones... I love your booklist from earlier and have "dog Train" on my list to get Kalo, Libby's, for his birthday coming up the 2nd! Going there this week to help out and just have some fun and lovin' on her family! Yea! Have a great week!

  2. Ah...thank you for showing your secret weapon of how to hang the fishing line from the ceiling. Wooden beams...Hmmmm...I'll need to think on that one.