Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A fun easy, free game--the magazine game

Monday nights are Family Home Evening nights or FHE at our house. This is set aside family time from about 6:30 to 8--so if you call us during that time, we won't answer the phone :) We start with an opening prayer, have family business, plan the week, someone does a talent, we sing songs, have a religion lesson/scripture story or similar, play games, and then everyone's favorite---treats!!! We alternate responsibilities for each job. This past Monday Miss O was on games, and she wanted to play the magazine game. Have you ever heard of that? This is a game I grew up playing and loved. I don't know where my parents came up with it, but we all thought it was great. I in turn taught my kids, and they also enjoy it. It is basically a free game that kids/adults of any age can play. Both my 4 year old and 12 year old can play it together and Ben and I enjoy it. All you need is one magazine for every player. I have a bunch of old Better Homes and Gardens from years ago that I keep just for this game. You can use almost any magazine as long as it has lots of pictures--Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Family Fun are some good ones. If you don't have any magazines, your local library usually is getting rid of old issues--12 issues for a $1. Can't beat that. So, how to play. . . .

Everyone has a magazine and sits in a circle. Place the magazine on the floor in front of you closed. Choose someone to go first. That person says "Find a fork" for example (you can pick anything) then everyone races to look through their magazine for a picture of a fork. The picture cannot be on the front or back cover. Whoever finds the picture first gets a point. Then you move to the next person and they choose an item "Find a __________" You can switch magazines after several turns and go to 10 points or however long you have. It is really fun. Monday night Mr J had the December issue of BH&G, and he said "Find some Christmas cookies!" Guess who was the first one to find that?? Yeah, smart kid. Happy game playing!

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  1. Hey! That sounds totally fun. I have never heard of that game before but you can bet we'll try it out!