Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Valentine's Box

Usually the first Monday night in February for family night we decorate our family valentine's box. We did this one last Monday. Each of the kids gets to decorate a side, and Ben and I share in decorating a side. We have the box out on a desk in the library, and then all the days up until Valentine's we can fill it with valentines for people in our family. Then sometime on Valentine's day we open it up as a family and get our valentines. The kids love this. Some years they go pretty crazy and are mass producing valentines right and left. We don't buy store valentines, we just make them on our own. Last year I think Miss E and Mr J had made at least 6 valentines for everyone in the family. Watch out Hallmark, here come my kids!
Our 2010 Family Valentine's Box
Can't you just feel the love???

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