Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Traditions

These are my kids with my mom, their Nana, at her house for our Valentine's dinner. This tradition started with my great-grandma. When my grandma (DeeDee) was a girl growing up with her 5 sisters, on Valentine's day her mother would shoo the girls out of the kitchen and dining room, and they were not allowed in until dinner, and they had to be in their Sunday best. When they came into the dining room they found it decorated beautifully, best china out, and a big box in the center. Inside the box were wrapped presents with a ribbon attached to each present. The ribbon came out of the box and went to each assigned plate. The girls and their parents sat down to a wonderful dinner, and when everyone had cleared their plate the girls were allowed to pull their strings. Then they got to open their little present. Then my grandma grew up, got married, and started doing this same valentine's dinner for her kids (my mom and siblings) then my mom grew up, got married and started doing the same dinner for me and my siblings. (Thankfully we didn't have to dress up.) We are lucky enough to live in the same town as my parents. So, on Valentine's day we are lucky enough to continue the tradition with my kids at Nana and Grandpa's. My siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles all over wherever they live also have their own valentine's dinner with their valentine's box. The presents aren't big things, it isn't another Christmas, but just a fun little thing, a book, lotion, candy, etc--pull the ribbon to get a prize and know you are loved! Traditions are a sweet thing.

Mr J got to come to Miss O's school valentine's party. They had an ice cream sundae bar! Yum-O! The kids loved it! Mr J was excited he got to have one too!

Miss O and Mr J enjoy their ice cream sundaes at her school Valentine's party.

Mr J at his preschool Valentine's party. Love his smile.

This is where we decided to display the contents of our family Valentine's box that we made earlier in the month. Talk about some creativity! Look at all the love! Good stuff!

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