Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharing the Love

The kids are all ready for their Valentine's school parties tomorrow. After about a week of work, they finally got their valentines done! Mr J did a melted crayon heart that says "You Color my world." Miss E did an mp3 player, which is a candy heart box wrapped in paper with chocolate kisses earphones. Miss O did a robot with candy bar feet and lifesaver eyes that says "URG8 Valentine!" and Miss A created some cute cupcake ones "You are cute as a. . . cupcake" and the cupcake is hidden in a pocket that you take it out of. Cute stuff!
A picture from earlier in the week with everyone working hard on their Valentines.

I didn't find any hearts to hang at the store, so I just cut some out of heavy card stock to hang up. I am loving my cricut!

So it is the weekend of parties coming up. . . valentine parties at school, Olympic party Friday night, Valentine party at church Saturday, then our family Valentine party/dinner Sunday. Whew! Lots of love to share this weekend! Hope you get lots of love too!

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  1. Wishing you much love... looks like it is full of love at your house!