Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The joy of a child

This picture is from our recent school carnival.  When I looked at it closer when I put it on the computer Mr J's face just made me laugh, and then it really made me think.  The joy of a child, look how happy that kid is?  What is he so happy about?  Cotton candy, spun sugar. What a simple thing.  Looking at him I thought, "When was the last time I was that happy about something?"  Then I corrected myself and thought, "No, when was the last time I was that happy about something so simple?"  When Christ said "become as a little child" I think one of the things He was talking about was the joy a child has over such simple things.  I think as adults that is something we lose very quickly.  Do we see the joy in such simple things?  Cotton candy, a colored leaf, a praying mantis, a funny shaped cloud, the touch of a hand, a kiss on a cheek?  So, this is my sermon for today, become as a little child and let the simple, little things--like cotton candy at a school carnival-- bring you much joy and happiness.


  1. I love your thoughts on this! Thanks for reminding me of what matters most! I love his face in that picture, it just makes me smile.

  2. ah to love life is to love God <3 i want to smile like mr. j, too!! and what a beautiful time of year it is ... it is so hard not to smile when you see the seasons change ... what a wonderful world :).