Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What we do on Sunday afternoons

Weather permitting Sunday afternoons we like to take a walk around our country section.  Sometimes the kids grumble about this, and sometimes they are excited.   In the fall it is extra fun because of these things. . .
 We call them "Monkey Brains" or "Brain fruit."  Miss O insisted that the proper name is Osage Oranges?  They grow on trees in our neck of the woods, are inedible, and are pretty gross looking I think.   But they make great soccer balls to kick down the road. . . 

 And kicking two at a time takes talent. . .
                                                                    And kick

                                                                     and kick
and kick, and if you lose the one you were kicking, chances are there is another tree right by the road for you to grab another to keep kicking down the road.  Country fun :)


  1. oh MY, I remember those things from our Kansas years! How could I have forgotten??? I did always wonder what they were :)

  2. That is so cool! I just posted something similar. We like to roam in nature on Sundays too. We do not have those awesome ugly soccer balls though!

  3. I love making memories like that. How fun!

  4. I've always heard them referred to as "hedge apples." :)

  5. We like to play family bowling with those! Each family member is a pin and someone roles the funny fruit at our feet. Up-hill, or down-hill, ~We can stand however we want to, we just can't move our feet.