Saturday, October 9, 2010

Volleyball girl

7th grade volleyball is over.  It was one month long.  I like sport seasons in that length.  Miss A did awesome!  In 2 different games she served for 10 points, in one game she did those 10 consecutively which I was pretty impressed with.  The last week of the season was crazy.  They had a game Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and an all-day tournament on Saturday.  We were very happy to get that week over with!
My awesome volleyball girl! 

She played front row hitter and was lucky Number 7.  I think she really enjoyed playing.  This was her first time to play a team sport for a season.  It has been really fun to see my child develop a new skill and talent that she didn't know she had.  Yes, I am a proud mom :).  She is already planning for next year.  She has her dad all excited about it too.  They are plotting out a regulation size volleyball court in our backyard.  He has the stakes down and was measuring it out today.   It will just be on the grass, but I will show some pictures when it is done.  Then we can all brush up on our volleyball skills--bump, set, spike!


  1. What a pretty and talented Miss A! What an awesome dad to build a court for her! You should be so proud.

  2. Awww! How awesome is this? It is fun to watch our children develop new skills. Very rewarding.