Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to your New Year.  2011 is going to be great!  We will make it great.  Wanted to share some photos of our holidays.  These are from Christmas Eve.  We had 15 here to celebrate.  What we do on Christmas Eve is . . .
Eat--We do soups on this night--My DeeDee's potato cheese and then usually another kind, my sister made a Chicken barley that was amazing this year.  We have rolls, lots of yummy sides, Egg Nog and the crowning food is a very special rice pudding for dessert that is To. Die. For.  It is supposedly the recipe from the Puddin' on the Rice eating place in Utah that I got from a friend several years ago.  It is amazingly yummy, but we only have it on Christmas Eve because it takes 3 days to make and 4 cups of heavy cream, and once a year our diets can handle it, but that's all :) 
We sing lots on Christmas Eve--jammin'-- we do that a lot at our house.  Miss O and my mom.

We re-enact the Nativity with Mary and Joseph,

The Shepards,

And the wise men, and I rarely have any clean towels left after we do this, and Ben usually has a few ties go missing, but it is worth it.

The kids always get to open one present Christmas Eve--new PJ's!  This was a tradition Ben and I both had growing up.  Love it.   Hope your Christmas Eve was a happy one!


  1. had to scroll through a few there - looks like you've had a wonderful Christmas Season.

    I haven't made taffy in YEARS - I should get the kids to do that with me soon.

    and that rice pudding sounds delish!!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas Eve! Am sure your 2011 will be blessed!

  3. Happy New Years! We do the pjs too - gonna have to had the nativity re-enactment as the kids are older - fun!!