Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Entertainment

Winter entertainment is definitely different than summer.  Especially if the weather is just plain cold, no fun snow, just cold.  That limits most activities to indoors.  With about 2 weeks off for the holidays, entertaining inside can be a challenge at times.  Here is what we have been doing. . .
Nerf gun practice.  Miss O got the giant gun but all the other kids got a smaller one, so the adults stole the kids' guns for target practice :) 

We went to Rome(just me and Ben)--or as close as we could get without using our passports or buying plane tickets.  We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary after Christmas and stayed here.  Very good winter entertainment.  I would highly recommend it :)

Perler beads.  Are your kids into these?   We have had these for years and the kids still love them.  They use them all the time. 

And after a cold winter day my kitchen counter is full of patterns of Perler beads that need to be ironed. 

Train tracks extravaganza.  Filling a room with train tracks is Mr J's favorite thing, and it is even better when his big sisters help (and even better when they all help clean it up :)

This was a blessing that came in the mail right before Christmas.  It has kept Miss O and Miss A very entertained with what plants they want to get for the summer garden. "Mom, will kiwi grow here?  Mom, what is our hardiness zone?  Mom, can we grow dwarf pomegranates?  How about kohlrabi?"  A what?  They have big lists of what they want to order.  Nothing like planning your summer garden in December to beat the winter blues!  Hope all are being entertained well at your house!  We are still hoping for some snow so we can have a little fun outside entertainment here.


  1. We got that same catalog! I love it. Can't decide what to order.
    Happy Anniversary to you! :)
    We need to get together and have Nerf Gun wars. Hope you get snow soon because we know that winter without snow is terrible.

  2. I love the inside garden idea. Have to think about that one...

    And yes - we know the cabin fever stuff very well. Cannot wait for spring weather.