Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 15

Have you ever had one of those week where you feel like you are drowning because you are insanely busy?  Well, this week was like that.  Don't want to bore you with details, but sufficeth to say, I think April's activities and business might put me over the edge :)  And to top it off, my kids will be out of school for the summer in one month!  One month!  Ahh!  But I can't think about that too much, I am just trying to survive these next two weeks of piano and choral competitions, soccer games, track meets, and dance rehearsals.  If I can make it to May 8th with my sanity still intact, I will consider myself very lucky and blessed.  Anyone else in the same boat?  Are April and May activities drowning you?  And then there is yard work, gardening, mowing, cooking, cleaning, school projects, spelling lists. . . and the list goes on, but despite all this I am very blessed.  I don't have to do it alone.  I have a very supportive husband, and I have soccer games and track meets to go to because I am blessed with kids.  I have piano recitals and choral performances to go to because I am blessed with wonderful kids.  My family is a blessing, and I am grateful for that, and someday I am going to be really bored sitting at home with nothing to do--just wondering when that will be ??? :)  So here are our pictures from this week, and thankfully they don't show me running around pulling my hair out.

Sunday:  Easter--everyone in their new stuff all ready for church.  Mr J picked his tie out himself, and when did my 2nd daughter get as tall as my oldest?  Crazy!

Monday:  Mr J and his awesome pajama ensemble--man that kid has style :)

Tuesday:  Miss E lost a tooth at school today

Wednesday:  My volunteer day at school.  I snapped a few pictures of Mr J's class--the classic, "pick me" with his hand raised.  Love it!

Thursday:  I was at the school today for something--seems I am always there for something or another, and I peeked into the gym where Miss E class was doing archery.  How cool is that? 

Friday:  My iris are already out and blooming this year--a month early!  These purple ones smell divine, I wish you could do a scratch and sniff on a blog--you would love it!

Saturday:  Our church has temples where special worship services and marriages are performed.  I was married in the Salt Lake City, Utah temple.  Where we live our closest one has been about 5 hours away, but they recently built one just 2 hours from us, and we are so excited!  We drove up there today to go through the open house, and it is so beautiful!  The kids were very impressed.

Thanks for visiting, and hope your week is going well, and that if it is crazy, that you survive!  :)  Hang in there, I am with ya!

Naptime Momtog


  1. Hey! Mr J has the same taste as my Mr J! Orange ties :) Love it. Awesome pic of the temple! My other Mr J leaves Friday to head out there. They are all so excited. What a great experience. Hooray for temples that are only 2 hours away! (That's what Nauvoo is to us).

  2. Me, me , me! I'm just as crazy busy as your are and I wonder how some days I make it through. I'm looking forward to the kids being out of school because things will slow down then but we have 2 month to go instead of just one. Beautiful Iris picture and beautiful kids all dressed for Easter. Hope you survive this month.

  3. Mr. J looks very sharp in his suit. :)

    Sorry for your crazy crazy few weeks.

    Jen - are you coming to Utah this summer? Would love to have you guys over for a BBQ. We have a big back yard - lots of fun for the kids. Let us know if you have a free night.

  4. In spite of pulling your hair out, you have done a wonderful job of keeping up with your family and how rewarding!! I'm impressed with your efforts...keep up the good work, it will be over too soon. : ) Miss H