Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 13

Spring is definitely here, and I was kind of worried that summer was already coming because we had two days in a row where the high was 90~  Way too early for that.  We survived the pink eye of last week.  I had kids home 4 of the 5 days last week with it, but all is clear now.  It is not fun, but if I had to choose between stomach flu and pink eye, I would choose pink eye :)  Soccer and track are in full swing now, and this month is going to be crazy!  People say that December is the craziest and busiest month of the year, but I think April/May top it easily.  Here is what we have been up to this past week. . .
Sunday:  3 of my kids stayed with my younger sister and her husband for part of spring break last week.  They had a wonderful time!!!  We met them and got the kids back today.  It was nice to have everyone home again.  The house had been too quiet :) 

Monday:  Lawn mowing season--let it begin.  I mowed the lawn for the first time this season.  I think this is the earliest I have ever started to mow.  My 6 year old took this picture for me :)

Tuesday:  Ben gave me some beautiful roses for my birthday last week, and they are so gorgeous!

Wednesday:  The youth in our church at practicing for a big regional cultural event with singing and dancing for the dedication of a new temple 2 hours from us.  Miss A and Miss O have been practicing a lot for it.  Tonight the local youth were practicing the dancing.  Miss A and her cute partner :) make sure they get the steps right.

Thursday:  Miss O and Ben practice their duet for their piano recital coming up in a few weeks.

Friday:  Miss E helped me decorate for Easter today and hang our Easter eggs in the front entry.

Saturday:  Soccer!  Miss E is the only one playing this year.  She had her first game today and did really well.  #10 is our girl!

Hope all is well with you!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love those hanging Easter Eggs, cute. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. Love your Easter decorations!!

  3. What a cool way to decorate for Easter. We just got our box down today so I still need to decorate. Look at you riding that mower--love it. Living in Calif we have to mow year round but that's my older son's job ;0) Love the beautiful rose shot and the first picture when you got your kids back.

  4. The picture of your lawn -and outwards - it's amazing how much land is between you and neighbors. What an amazing view! Lots of space.

    And go you mowing the lawn! Greg always teases me when I mow - says the neighbors will think he's a bad husband for letting his wife do it :) Makes me laugh.

  5. My boys have been practicing for the youth festival as well. As a result we have had some very interesting dinner conversations lately. I can't believe we already have mow. They flowers Ben gave you are so pretty. I love how you've captured them! So beautiful!

  6. These are so great. Love the roses and your house with the easter eggs hanging. So fun!

  7. fun easter egg hanging in the front area...also you are going to have to put a video of the recital piece when it is done :)

  8. I like this post. :) I like every post. Hee hee. I would definitely choose pink eye too!

    You need to get yourself a doo rag or something to wear when you mow. It'll make you look more threatening. You look too nice in that picture. Ha ha ha! Make people think you'll run them over if they cross your path. :)

    When is the temple performance? Our youth will be there Sat. 21st.

  9. love your easter eggs, that's awesome! and good on you for mowing...I should show my kids this because they think women don't mow lawns...really it's just my hubby likes it done in a certain way :)

  10. What lovely photos! That rose is stupendous!