Monday, April 30, 2012

Technical difficulties

So our computer died about 2 weeks ago, thus the lack of any blog posts.  My parents have very generously let me take over their home office for a few hours to catch up and check e-mails.  So if you need to get a hold of me quickly, don't e-mail, call :)  We hope to get a new one in the next few weeks, but until then. . .the joys of modern technology.

So I have survived April.  Soccer is over.  Miss E did great.  Last track meet is today.   Miss A broke the school record for the 2 mile race last week.  She is doing awesome.  Miss O turned 12!!!  Mr J had his first piano recital and music competition, and he got a gold medal.  Yeah!  We found out Miss A won a state writing contest, and then found out her entry won a national honor.  Exciting stuff here.  We have about 2 weeks of school left.  Time is just flying!  I can't decide if I am ready for summer or not.  I guess I don't have a choice.  We finally got our garden planted.  We divided it into 4 equal sections and let the kids plant whatever they wanted in each section.  It will be interesting to see what (if anything) we harvest.  Mr J has at least 2 rows of zinnias and giant sunflowers.  They have to weed and water their own sections.  We will see how that turns out. 

Posting will be few and far between coming up, but thanks for visiting, and hopefully we will get our crazy life kind of figured out and get a new computer soon!  Have a good one!


  1. I wondered where you were ;0) Glad everything is ok. Have fun picking out a new computer. It's so crippling without!

  2. I hate those times when there is computer fail. I've been dodging it myself for months :) Good luck getting everything back in working order...