Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 35

Monday holidays always mess me up.  I am always thinking, "so is tomorrow a Sunday or Tuesday?"  Where am I and what do I need to do?  But it is always so nice to have a holiday.  Our weekend was really fun.  We played more on Saturday, so we could really labor on Labor Day--like doing our Saturday jobs and painting our new windows inside.  So here is some pictures from our week.
We are so extremely blessed to live near my parents.  They came over for Sunday dinner, and after Mr J likes to read with Grandpa.  

Three years ago we replaced half of our windows, and this week we replaced the other half, so all our windows are new--yeah!  Cross that house project off the list and move onto the next.  They are vinyl outside and wood inside, so now we get to paint--another item to add onto the never-ending house 'to-do' list.  Anyone else have a list like that???

Okay, I did finally get up to see Ben's seminary class this week.   I am so not a morning person (at least not a  happy one) and waking up early is not my thing, but I did it today and got a picture of the awesome kids and my amazing husband who occupy our basement every weekday morning for New Testament study.  Way to go Ben and kids!

Today was Miss A's first ever high school cross country meet.  She is a freshman, and her coach felt she was good enough to run in the varsity girls race.  Gulp!  My freshman baby running with juniors and seniors, I was a little worried, but she did awesome!!!!  There were about 90 girls running, and freshman Miss A got 10th!!!  Way to go!  She was amazing!  It was so hot that day, and her cute teammate has a glass of water ready for her as she runs by on the 4K race.  Go Miss A!  It is going to be a great season!

If you know us very well at all, you know we are huge BYU fans.  Ben and I both graduated from there.  Both sets of our parents graduated from there also.  We sadly don't live anywhere near the campus and miss the games, but we always check the schedules to see if our team is playing anywhere near us.  This year the BYU women's volleyball team was playing in a tournament a few hours from our house this weekend, and we decided to go.  It was so fun!  We were able to see them play 2 different teams, and they won the whole tournament.  After the last game they had a big team huddle, and we saw the coach look over at us and then the players and then when they broke their huddle the whole team came over to us (there were not many people there, and we were sitting court side) and they gave us hugs and high fives and thanked us so much for coming.  The kids were super excited!!!  They got autographs and pictures.

This is Jennifer Hamson who is 6'7" and is an amazing player for BYU.  She is also on their basketball team.  The girls were super excited to meet her.

Mr J was excited to have her sign his shirt :)

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

** A special note to my Japanese friend Marie, yes, my browser translates your blog so I can read it.  I am happy you are going to church!  I love you and your family!

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  1. As long as the windows keep out the cold and the heat, we won't mind at all if you don't paint them :)

    Wow, 6'7" is super tall!!!! How fun for you to be able to go and have that experience! I'm sure that won't happen for us at the ND game. :( We'd love to go to the team fireside the night before, but we'd have to pull the boys from school to make it...

    Go BLUE!

  2. Looks like it was quite a full but amazing week!!!!! Can't believe that volleyball player is as tall as my hubs. I think my girls may end up close to that - I'll be living in land of the giants. :)

  3. Great photos. Wow that girl is TALL! Wowzers!

  4. How exciting to see the women's volleyball team!! Go BYU! We are very excited that football season has started. :-)

  5. I can so relate to the never ending house list and I'm jealous you have your windows done. All ours need replaced as the seals have been broken and moisture gets between the panes. I'm just not ready to bite the bullet and take that on. *sigh* Love the shot of your son reading with his grandpa and so glad you were able to get one of Ben's class. That volleyball girl is soooo tall. She must of had some serious growing pains but hey, it's good for sports!

    Oh by the way the recipe John used for the chicken avocado rolls is one of Guy Fieri's. I'll have to see if I can find a link for you--so yummy!

  6. Ha! I found it--here is the recipe he used. I have to warn you it was labor intensive but well worth it.